FS [NEW ITEMS] NIB Trekking Poles, LS/Scarpa/Dynafit Ice/Ski Boots 43/44, Rocket Screws, Misty Harness

All prices before shipping. I'll send the item when I get your payment and have you Venmo me after for the exact cost of shipping. Local pickup in SLC.

Trekking Poles

Camp Megasonic trekking pole pair, new in box - $100

Ice Screws

Camp screws are quite sharp but one or two have the loose handle. Love them though - I replaced them with new ones.

4x Yellow 13cm Camp / Cassin - SOLD

1x Blue 17cm Camp / Cassin - $30

1x Green 21cm Black Diamond Express - SOLD

1x Grivel Candela v-thread tool - SOLD


La Sportiva G5 43 (not Evo) - $240

One Boa has started to wear through the gaiter, fixable with some patch tape.

Scarpa Rebel Ultra 44 - $80

Ueli Steck specials, probably in need of a resole for the toes. Super light and dexterous.

Dynafit TLT6 26.5 - $100

Somebody needs a starter backcountry boot, right? Well loved but the tech binding clips work great. Also way too small for me vs the other boots here but I just suffered...


Misty Mountain Custom Small - $150

Nearly new Misty Mountain harness with small waist and small leg loops. I tried to convince my tree trunk thighs this was the right size of leg loop, but alas, I could not. Paid $207 after tax and used twice.