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Producers of lightweight and ultralight climbing gear and apparel.

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Thermarest Dreamtime Pad - dirtbag luxury! 23 hours ago
FS: camp alpinist crampons and Karakoram Boots 2 days ago
FS: 'Biner Cleanout...Camp and BD - Sold pending funds 4 days ago
Selling brand new Camp Corsa 60cm ice axe, S2S 1P Nano-Bugshield bugnet 4 days ago
FS: (18) Brand New Camp Dyon Carabiners, $8.88 each, $160 total plus shipping 6 days ago
FS: Price Drop - Sterling Nano 9mm x 60m, Mountain Equipment Tupilak 37+, Rab Electron M, Solution 44, Drago 44 1 week ago
WTB Old Style X-All Mountain Picks 1 week ago
FS: New quickdraws - Camp Photon Mixte, Camp Dyon 6-Packs 1 week ago
FS: DMM alpha trad / WC nitro draws (x4), Petzl drill, BD/HB small nuts, lockers (x7) 1 week ago
WTT/WTS: DMM alpha trad (x5) and various lockers (x7) for Camp Nanos 1 week ago
WTB Petzl Ride, CAMP Corsa or UL Ice Axe 1 week ago
Nuts, womens C-Quence harness (L), TX4's (42.5), 45.5-46.0 shoes, Green Big Bro 1 week ago
WTB: Subaru JUSTY, Camp Carabiners, petzl adjust, Removable bolts 1 week ago
FS: Grivel Air Tech Racing, couple Grivel/Camp Ice Screws 1 week ago
FS: Backpacks (Arcteryx Alpha FL 30, CAMP Raptor Ski 30, BD Cirque 45, Hyperlite OG) $100 each shipped 2 weeks ago
Military Mastercams (OG), DMM Wallnuts, assorted nuts, womens C-Quence harness (L), TX4's (42.5), 45.5-46.0 shoes, Green Big Bro 2 weeks ago
FS: arcteryx Acrux ar, LS otakis, flylow baker bibs, bladerunners 2 weeks ago
Ice sale: Nepals 42, 7.8x60m new rope, screw, showas L, enforcers XS. WTB screw bag, picks, semi-technical axe. boulder/bozeman 2 weeks ago
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