Price Drops: #2-#3-#4 C4 Ultralights, Beautiful Green C3, Petzl Evolv Adjust, OG Mythos (38.5 M)

$6 to ship USPS (priority for over 150) on anything.  Venmo only (see previous sales Hx), or Valley handoff to save the $6. Around the valley often, as well as Fresno.

Open to trading for Dragonfly offset cams. Will knock off $5 each set that is combo'd (ex: you buy two sets of totems and one set of UL's, I take off $15).

Can bypass MP dm's by emailing my whole name at or 8zero5 4five8 6five78. Will knock price down for package deals. Will raise price for people who haggle ;) 

SOLD $520/set. Totems: Black-Orange, with Camp Dyon biners, does not include black biners.

$179 UL C4's, 2-3-4. All in great shape. sling dates: 4- '19, 3- '15, 2- '20. No falls (as evidenced by good lobe condition), evidence of light frenching, have "Herbert" scratched into the bottom of the lobe. Tom doesn't abuse gear, so you know these are nice and clean.

$46 Petzl Evolv Adjust, light fray at one spot, 10/10 would (have/still do) wall on this for at least a couple years. 

$76 Green C3, 2012 sling. Action: 9.5/10. Cam body: 9/10. Sling: 9.5/10. Lobes: look like 8.5/10 but they're super smooth, no pitting to the touch.

$39 OG Mythos mens 38.5, good shape, 1 resole that I know of, 7.5-8/10 on rubber left (prob more like 8.5-9 but I'll undersell and overdeliver on these b/c of the resole)

SOLD $49 0.4 Z4, no falls, smooth action, great shape

SOLD $70 #4 UL C4. Same as above. 2019

SOLD $55 #2 UL C4. Same as above. 2020

SOLD $70 Green Totem in great shape, with Camp Dyon biner.

SOLD $49 Ladies TX2, very light wear, laces in mint condition, basically new except for a touch of mud :)

Venmo friends only, I don't feel like dealing w/ the IRS. I suppose I'd do Zelle if you really want. Check posting history if you're concerned, you'll get your shit. I've sold $25K worth of gear on MP w/ zero problem. No holds, first to pay gets gear, you know the rules.


C4 UL's:

Green C3:

Evolv Adjust:

OG Mythos mens 38.5


SOLD $34 Trango Cinch, great shape.

SOLD $49 Nice set of ABC/BD nuts, abc are new except for the 8 (4-13), plus bonus bd nuts (7, 6, 6, 4, 3)

SOLD $44 6 quickdraws, 2011ish dogbones, 12/10 would whip on, In great shape.

SOLD $24 Blue Alien, i believe first gen.

SOLD $114 Aid Package #1: Metolius ascenders, ladders, and two lockers, great shape.

SOLD $27 Biner package. All in great/new shape.

SOLD $49 6 Alpine draws, mix of petzl spirits, bd spirit copycats, and wiregates

SOLD $109 Aid package #2: Runout customs ladders w/ spreader bar, petzl ascenders, two lockers, solid shape,

SOLD $39 UL C4 #3, 2019 sling date

SOLD $99 Z4 offset package, .1/.2 and .2/.3, you need these for El Cap so get em cheap. Great shape

SOLD $344 Old C4 set, 0.3-4. Larger cams are new/like new, smaller have light/moderate use. 2011-2013 slings, Neutrinos included on all cams.

SOLD Green, Red, Orange Totes, as close to new as possible. $204

SOLD $39 BD nut set, 5-13, with a double of 13, w/ biner. 10 nuts total. Very light use. Includes nut tool

SOLD 42.5 TX4Great shape, no stink, even the laces are in like new condition. $45

SOLDS $200 C3's, Green, Red, Yellow.

SOLD $55 Green Totem, (no falls, just under 30 trips to the top of El Cap), has "herbert" scratched on the trigger wire guide piece. SOLD

Full set + of DMM offset nuts, 7, 7, 8, 8, 9, 10, 11. $45 SOLD

46.0 Muira VS. Basically new $95 SOLD

SOLD Evolv Cruzer, basically new. 39.0 (7.5W). $29 

SOLD Patagooch Linked 28. $75

SOLD Dead Bird, SL-340, mens Small, also like new.  $90

SOLD L womens C-quence harness, NWT. $80

SOLD Full set of Totes Magoo cams, maybe a year old, tops, pretty damn nice condition. $499 for the full set. Will not split, don't ask., I will spam your inbox with goat memes from Fritz if you do. 

SOLD Aid Package, two ascenders, two ladders, two daisies, and two lockers, for a measly $99.

SOLD $299 Bitchin' price on a starter rack. 0.3-4, 9 cams total.

SOLD $44 Extra #4. No sling date, prob 2012 or 2013, still has loads of life left.

SOLD $369 (very nice) Full set of your favorite cams to drool over (or heck, maybe actually use them and place them in cracks).

SOLD $99 The venerable Grey Ghost, assuming a 2010 sling, don't think it's ever been placed, flawless aside from the faintest scratches on the lobes, as shown.

SOLD $124 C4 set, 0.4-1. 2011-2016 sling dates. As shown, w/ two racking biners.

SOLD $49 Red C3, lobes worn but action is like butter.

SOLD 46.0 Otaki, Basically new. worn for one gym session, just can't justify keeping em. $89 SOLD

SOLD Set of 8 Neutrinos, $35

SOLD Set of 9 Oz biners, $54 

SOLD 47.0 Boreal hightops, fit is more like a 46.0-46.25 la sportiva. $65

SOLD. $85 Basically new 45.5 LS TX Guide Leather. Worn to/from the gym twice. Jammed in a #4 crack once. may as well be new.

SOLD. $60 39.5 ladies Mythos.

SOLD. Six Military issue OG Mastercams (#2 was apparently lost, and replaced w/ a yellow one), like new (have some scratches but I think they may have never been placed, def never weighted or fallen on), Cams are 1-6, $200 shipped. SOLD  

SOLD Random nut set #1 (12 total): $28

SOLD Random nut set #2 (10 total): $24

SOLD 46.0 Genius. Very good shape, 8-9/10. $75

Full set of Metolius Curve nuts (1-10), some scratches but don't think they've ever been placed, may as well be new. $60 SOLD

Full set of DMM Wallnuts (1-11), used but in great shape, would whip on any of em. $64 SOLD

Half set of DMM Wallnuts, 6-11. $33 SOLD

$35  .1/.2 X4 offset. $30 with something else. SOLD

$35 Metolius ULMC #3 (yellow totem size), great shape. $30 with another purchase. SOLD

$45 Metolius MC #4, like new. 40 with another purchase. SOLD

pair of Evolv lace up approach shoes, womens 7.5, 39.0 euro. Used on three pitches, basically new. $25 SOLD

set of Metolius wired hexes, 5-10, brand new, $50 SOLD

5 60cm slings, $12 with another purchase, $18 standalone.  SOLD

$15 Metolius TCU, $10 with another purchase. SOLD

$60 Set of 2 regular moses camhooks, 1 wide moses camhook, and one bd regular grappling hook. SOLD

$290 DMM Dragon2's, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (BD sizes 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.75, 1, 2, 3). SOLD

$120 DMM Dragonfly set: 4, 5, 6.  SOLD

$125 Wild Country offset Zero set, .1/.2, .2/.3, .3/.4.  SOLD

Totem Set 1: black-green in excellent shape. Will include the Camp Dyon's and a Metolius Bravo (black) for $5/each.  $350 SOLD

Totem Set 2: Black-Green, pretty good shape, 325. SOLD

Mythos, 38.5 (womens color), nwot. $65. SOLD

$65 Green Big Bro (#3), don't think it's ever been placed. (SOLD to Joseph)

SOLD: Totem Set 1: 250 SOLD

SOLD: Totem Set 2: 220 SOLD

SOLD: Totem Set 3: 280 SOLD

SOLD: Camp Quickdraws: $110 SOLD

SOLD Ladies Muira, 38.0 $95 SOLD

SOLD set of 8 Wild Country Heliums, like new, $65 shipped. SOLD

SOLD Slings, 14 total, $75 shipped

SOLD2,3,4 UL MC's, great/like new condition. $110 shipped. SOLD

SOLDA full set of DMM 4CU cams that I will never use, despite how cool they are. 10 cams, from .3 to 3. $260 shipped. SOLD

A brand new set of UL MC's 1-6, $250 shipped. SOLD

A new/like new set of X4's, .1, .2, & .3., $125 shipped.  SOLD

A set of DMM Dragon2/Dragonfly cams, blue-blue, in great/like new shape, $290 shipped.  SOLD

 A set of 9 Mammut Contact slings, great condition, $35 shipped. SOLD

A set of 7 Hotwires and 6 Neutrinos, some used, some new. $48 shipped. SOLD

A set of DMM Torque Nuts and large camp slung hex (approx 1.5x size of #4 torque nut), brand new, $55 shipped. SOLD

SOLD Full set of OG Metolius MC's. $350  <<SOLD>>

SOLD Older BD C4 0.5 SOLD

SOLD C4's, blue-blue, $275 SOLD

SOLD 4 tricams, $35 SOLD

SOLD Like new Hi-Angles, 12.0  $60 SOLD

SOLD 46.0 TX Guide (synthetic). $70  SOLD

SOLD Thermarest Basecam AF. SOLD pretty nice and warm car camping pad, still has tags. $40

SOLD $50 .2/.3 X4 Offset, 2014 sling, ridiculously nice condition, action is same as a NWT cam. SOLD

SOLD 46.0 Mythos. Good shape, 7.5-8/10. $50 SOLD

SOLD A pair of LS Boulder X, brand new, size 36.0. $35.

M Solution harness, basically unused  $30 SOLD

SOLD $114 OG Thumbloop Mastercams, 00 has a small tear in the rubber/plastic on thumbloop, 10/10 would whip.

SOLD $369  Full set of nice shape C3's. 12/10, would whip. SOLD

SOLD $119 00-0-1 OG Mastercams, in good shape, would whip all day on (I don't actually fall, haven't fallen on a cam in a few years, IIRC). SOLD

SOLD $520  Full set of good shape Totems, w/ Camp Dyon biners. SOLD

SOLD $54 OG Mythos, ladies 39.0, great shape, like new edges.


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