Thermarest Dreamtime Pad - dirtbag luxury!

This is kind of a weird one, but I’ve tried selling it locally and it seems like this needs a more focused audience to sell. I’m willing to take a hit on price and cover a portion of shipping (it isn’t heavy, but it is oversized), but prefer to sell in the Front Range.

So, this is a regular length Thermarest Dreamtime sleeping pad. It has an R rating of ♾and a comfort level of 5-stars. It’ll keep you warm on the coldest desert nights and feels better than that #2 hand jam after 30’ of offwidth.

I used this for close to a decade as a luxurious camp pad, slid it into the back of numerous hatchbacks and truckbeds to spend the night, and it graced the floors of my more responsible friend’s homes when I was couch-crashing my way around the country. It consists of a 2.5” self-inflating air mattress and a half inch of foam (that might be due for a replacement), all zipped into a fleece cover that can be connected to another one if your significant other is lucky enough to have this mattress. I’ve washed the zippered shell for you, though a quick shake tests shows that some dog hair and Indian Creek sand remains embedded in it.

This is easily the most comfortable sleeping pad I’ve ever used, but my wife and I are moving, we have a larger pad we share, and this needs to go. It’s got tons of life left in it and is ready to shine in the back of your 90’s Corolla Hatchback as you road-trip out to Yosemite this spring!

Asking $50 OBO for what might be the best night of sleep you’ll ever have outdoors.

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