FS: Cilo Gear 30L Guide Worksack, Patagonia Ascentionist 25 pack, Metolius Mescalito Haul Pack, Draws & 'biners, Scarpa Ribelle Tech OD boots (45), BD ice axe, sleeping pad, guidebooks

Lots of stuff for sale.  Shipping to the CONUS included.  Venmo preferred.  Paypal also works.

In general I take very good care of my gear.  None of the jackets have any rips, tears, or large stains.  They have all been recently washed with Nikwax tech wash.

Message me here if you're interested.

1.  SOLD Patagonia Nano Puff hoody.  Black color.  Mens size medium.  Light use, mostly worn as a casual jacket.  Excellent condition, no issues.  $100 shipped CONUS.

2.  SOLD Rab Xenon X hooded jacket.  Blue color with gold interior.  Mens size large.  This is the previous version before they went to the Atmos insulation.  Primaloft insulation.  Pertex shell.  Stuffs into its own pocket for clipping to a harness.  2 way front zip.  Moderate use,  Very good shape.  No issues.  $85 shipped CONUS.  

3.  SOLD Arc'teryx Atom LT jacket.  Blue color.  Mens size large.  I used this as a mid layer for resort skiing.  Light use, excellent shape, no issues.  $100 shipped CONUS.  

4.  SOLD Patagonia Nano Air light hybrid jacket.  Blue color, mens size large.  This is a discontinued piece from Patagonia.  Light 40g breathable insulation up front, fleece in the back.  Nice lightweight active mid layer.  Light use, mostly used nordic and backcountry skiing.  Excellent condition, no issues.  $95 shipped CONUS.

5.  SOLD Patagonia Nano Air light hybrid hoody.  Chartreuse color, mens size large.  Same as #4 but with a hood.  Moderate use, all backcountry skiing.  Very good shape, no issues.  $110 shipped CONUS.

6.  SOLD Mountain Hardwear Kor Cirrus Hybrid jacket.  Red color, mens size large.  This is a nice hybrid mid layer.  Lightweight 40g breathable insulation in the core.  Sleeves have a light fleece lining.  Breathable side panels.  Stuffs into its own pocket for clipping to a harness.  Used a couple of times only.  Like-new condition.  $85 shipped CONUS.  

7.  SOLD Patagonia Nano Puff pullover.  Gray color, mens size large.  Lightweight pullover puffy.  Stuffs into its own pocket for clipping onto a harness.  Light use, excellent condition.  No issues.  $90 shipped CONUS.  

8.  Scarpa Ribelle Tech OD boot.  Size 45 (US mens 11.5).  I bought these with some plans in mind that never materialized.  New condition.  They've never been worn outside.  I just tried them on around the house.  These fit me very well.  For reference, I would consider my street shoe size to be 11.  I wear a mens 11 running shoes in most brands (Hoka, Brooks, and Salomon).  I own the Scarpa Zodiac Plus GTX hiking boot in a size 45 which fits me well.  I own the older Scarpa Phantom Tech in a 45.5 which also fits me well.  $200 shipped CONUS.  

9.  SOLD 14 CAMP Nano 22 carabiners.  The most recent generation.  Silver color.  I mark all of my hardware with an orange dot from a Sharpie paint pen.  Light use, no issues.  Selling these all together, not splitting them up for now.  $55 shipped CONUS.

10.  SOLD 5 CAMP Dyon carabiners.  3 yellow, 2 black.  Also marked with a Sharpie paint pen like the Nanos.  Light use, no issues.  $35 shipped CONUS.  

I'll sell the Dyons and Nanos all together for $85 shipped CONUS.

11.  2011 Miramontes Joshua Tree guidebook.  I just got the updated guide so selling this one.  Very good condition, no issues.  $20 shipped CONUS.

12.  SOLD Mad Rock Crash Pad.  4 feet x 3 feet unfolded.  5 inches thick.  It's about 10 years old, but I don't boulder much.  Probably used no more than 15 days.  Very good shape, tons of life left.  No issues.  Buckles and straps all work.  It doesn't have a hip belt for carrying.  I'd rather not ship this due to size.  I live in the Reno/Tahoe area.  I could meet you at the climbing gym in Reno or South Lake Tahoe for a pick up.  $50 pick up at the Reno or SLT gyms.

13.  Various carabiners.  I'm selling these in 4 batches.  Preference will be given to anyone who wants to buy them all (or at least more than 1 batch).  Some are new, some used.  They all work fine, no issues.  I mark all of my hard goods with an orange Sharpie paint pen, including all of these 'biners.  

SOLD Batch 1: 11 various wire gate carabiners.  3 red BD Neutrinos (very light use), 2 yellow BD Neutrinos (moderate use), 2 blue BD Neutrinos (very light use), 2 light green BD Neutrinos (moderate use), and 2 original version (non-key lock) BD Oz carabiners (moderate use).  $45 shipped CONUS.

SOLD Batch 2: 5 HMS carabiners.  All are new, never used outside.  4 Rock Exotica Pirates and 1 Trango Regulock HMS.  All screw gates, snag free closures.  $60 shipped CONUS.  

SOLD Batch 3: 4 BD Positron screw gate locking carabiners.  They have a snag-free closure.  Minimal use, nearly new condition.  $25 shipped CONUS.  

Batch 4: 2 BD Gridlock screw gate locking carabiners.  Light use.  $25 shipped CONUS.   

14.  SOLD 2016 (original version) Sloan Yosemite free climbing guidebook. Used but no issues.  $25 shipped CONUS.  

15.  BD Raven Pro Ice Axe, 60 cm.  This is the older, straight version of the Raven Pro.  Moderate use, no issues.  I'll include a BD Slider Leash with this.  $75 shipped CONUS for axe and leash.  

16.  SOLD 5 Petzl Spirit quickdraws, 12 cm.  Very light use, near-new condition.  The carabiners are marked with an orange Sharpie paint pen.  $60 shipped CONUS.  

17.  2 Wild Country Helium 3.0 quickdraws, 20 cm slings.  Very light use, no issues at all.  Carabiners marked similar to #16.  $30 shipped CONUS.  

18.  SOLD Thermarest NeoAir XLite sleeping pad.  Regular size.  Light use, no issues.  It's the previous version with the older valve.  Stuff sack and inflation sack will be included.  $85 shipped CONUS.  

19.  SOLD Thermarest NeoAir XTherm sleeping pad.  Regular size.  Minimal use (1 trip).  Also the previous version with the older valve.  Stuff sack and inflation sack will be included.  $100 shipped CONUS.  

20.  Thermarest Prolite 4 season 3/4 (short) length sleeping pad.  Older, 3/4 length, 4 season version of the Prolite.  Moderate use but works fine.  Stuff sack included.  $40 shipped CONUS.  

21.  SOLD BD Trail Trekking Poles.  These are standard aluminum trekking poles with the BD Flicklock adjustment.  100-140 cm adjustment.  Foam grips.  Moderate use but no issues.  They work fine.  $60 shipped CONUS.  

21.  Lake Tahoe Bouldering Guides, first edition.  3 books.  (1) North/West Shore (2) South/East Shore Volume One (3) South/East Shore Volume Two. They're in very good shape. Minimal annotations in the books. I'd rather sell all 3 together. $60 shipped CONUS for all 3.

22.  Metolius Mescalito haul pack.  24L haul pack.  Yellow color.  Light use, only used as a small cragging pack.  Never actually hauled it.  $65 shipped CONUS.  

23.  SOLD Patagonia Linked 18 pack.  Nice small climbing pack from Patagonia, no longer made.  Used very lightly, 1 or 2 routes.  Nearly-new condition, no issues whatsoever.  $75 shipped CONUS. 

24.  Cilo Gear 30L Guide Service Worksack with long shoulder straps. This is the standard 30L worksack with some reinforcements for increased durability.  This is the 'long shoulder strap' size for longer torsos.  Moderate use, built really, really good shape.  Tons of life left.  1 small abrasion on the side was covered in Seam Grip and is good to go.  No issues otherwise.  Includes 4 side compression straps.  $125 shipped CONUS.  

25.  Patagonia Ascentionist 25L pack.  Orange color.  Super simple & lightweight alpine pack.  Very light use, no issues, nearly new condition.  $80 shipped CONUS.  

Pics are scattered throughout the thread as stuff gets added.