70mX7mm tagline // DMM pulley // Mammut Smart

Up for grabs!


> $30 - DMM Hitch Triple Attachment Pulley (lightly used, lied previously about “never been used”, on account of forgetting the time I tried to hand tow my car out if a ditch with it)

> $70 - 70m X 7mm tagline - bought this to make rapping off of seal rock easy, and for potential alpine adventures. Haven't used it nearly enough, so it’s for sale. ~5 years old? Used twice.

> $10 - Mammut Smart - Belay Device - good device for sport climbing. More comfy than the megajul, less versatile. Similar to the bd pilot. Buy a grigri or vergo if you have the funds, otherwise buy this.


>2 Yates Big Wall Ladders 

$35 individually
$60 as a set

>BD Ascension Jumar - $30

> BD Index Jumar - $30

($55 for both jumars)

$115 for both jumars, both ladders, and the lift

> $30 Camp Lift

> $15 - CAMP Tethys Pulley (similar to dmm one, lightly used, never seen a big wall haul adventure   )


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