FS: A whole lot of older but still useful rockclimbing gear, best offers

Here's a large amount of older but functional gear that I'm letting go cheap. I'll ship any amount for a flat rate of $10 so the more you get the more you'll save. I'd like to sell this stuff ASAP so a quick, reasonable offer will likely seal the deal. I will consider any combination of gear but have some sets of passive pro like Rocks, Steel Nuts, etc. that I'd like to sell as a set. Disclaimer: Some of the gear have slings attached but should be looked at with a little skepticism.

1. Wild Country Rocks, Complete Set composed of various editions. #1-9, doubles of 2 and 4, 11 pieces altogether

2. Wild Country Rocks, Complete Set composed of various editions. #1-9, doubles of 1 and 3, 11 pieces altogether, Chouinard #8 instead of WC 5

3. Chouinard Stoppers, sort of random set. #3,4,5,5,6,6,6,12 for individual sale, if you want.

4. Original Metolius TCU's. #0-3

5. Chouinard Wire Hexes #1-3

6. Chouinard Steel Micro Stoppers, Complete Set #1-6

7.Chouinard Steel Micro Stoppers, Incomplete Set #2-5

8. Hugh Banner Brass Micro nuts (these are not offsets) #4-6

9.Two Complete Sets of Wild Country Technical Friends

10. Metolius Quadcam

11. Black Diamond Camalots, various years and editions, #.5,.75,1,2,3,4

12. Two pair of Clog Ascenders, one pair of chest mount, one pair with handles. These have never been used in the field.

13. Hugh Banner Climbing Helmet, one size fits most, adjustable

14. Wild Country Friends, rigid stems. 3- #1's, 2-#1.5's, 2-#2's, 3-#2.5's, 1-#3

15. Various belay devices, two more not pictured, ATC's

 16. A big pile of carabiners, too many to sort, mostly Chouinard Light D's, with a smattering of Kong, Bonatti, Camp, SMC, Clog.

17. Five nut picks, 3 pictured.

18. New Sportiva shoes, not sure of the model, these have some cracks in the slingshot rand behind the heel. Size 43

19. Boreal Aces, very good shape with still sharp edges. Size US 9 1/2

20. Vertical Friction Loafers, never used, can't find a size on them, but I could get my 10 1/2 foot in them.

21. Chouinard Hexcentrics, not sure of the sizes, if interested I will take a closer look.

22. Some Campbell Saddles Wedges, the best nut ever designed IMHO, one SMC Camlock, the worst nut ever designed IMHO

23. Forrest Mjollnir Hammer, great condition and a great third tool for ice climbing. Interestingly, this tool is in the Smithsonian as the first modular tool.

24. Metolius Organizer Gear slings, in great condition

25. Organizer gear slings, with detachable velcro gear loops for lightning quick placements. Punk/new wave look, too.

26. Locking carabiners, have few more not pictured

A large set of tricams that are not for sale and not to be used for climbing. The slings are too old to be considered safe.  Free to someone who can tell me what non'-climbing use they will be put to. Recipient pays shipping.