FS: Quickdraw, Hex & Cam price drop - Tied the knot, too much gear! Climbing, Running, Hiking, Winter - AUSTRALIANS !

Tied the knot, doubled up on a tonne of gear. We aren’t selling anything we wouldn’t climb on, nothing has been dropped or damaged unless noted. All gear has been stored inside, at home and hasn’t been exposed to anything weird.

SHIPPING COSTS NOT INCLUDED IN PRICE, will ship at cheapest USPS option (no insurance - if you'd like to add insurance for extra, please let us know). Pick up in Durango, Colorado available or Grand Junction, Ouray or maybe Moab & RRG for Thanksgiving. Going back home to Australia for Xmas - Melbourne in mid December - can ferry items back home, would prefer to not ship but organise pick up at a bouldering gym or elsewhere instead (all prices in USD so pay in that or Paypal conversion rate for AUD to USD). Cheers!

Paypal is preferred method of payment (Family & Friends or add 3% to cover Goods & Services Fee).

We'd like stuff to move in sets so package deals are negotiable - package deals as in more than one set of items and over $300.00 spend. Would LIKE to sell this stuff, don't NEED to sell. No hagglers, no low balls please.

We’ll send further pictures upon request. Ask for any additional info. If you’d like to know why we’re selling, scroll to the bottom.

Anything still posted is still AVAILABLE - updated when sale confirmed.


Green DMM Aero Draws (11 quickdraws total) - $150.00 for 11 draw set - moderate usage
DMM Shadow biner draws (long blue draw - 5 total) - $75 for 5 draw set - little to no use
DMM Shadow biner draws (short yellow draw - 2 total) - $30.00 for 2 draw set - little to no use
All DMM Shadow biner draws (7 total) - $100.00  
Assorted other quickdraws (BD, WC, Madrock) - $12.00 each or all 8 for $90.00
120cm slings (nylon – red) - $7.00 each
400cm slings - $25.00 each (Basically brand new – kept forgetting ours & buying new)
SOLD - all other slings.

SOLD - Grigri
BD Revolt older model – 20$ Pretty beat up but works perfectly. No rechargeable batteries.
Petzl headlight – 10$ No idea what model. Works fine.
Guide ATCs – 15$ each (Light to moderate use on all of them. Many years of use left.)
ATC – 10$ (Light use)
Petzl Pro Traxion – 120$ Brand new. Never used. Never even tested.
Figure 8 – 5$ Not sure where we got these or if we trust them.
SOLD - Bar descender
Wild Country Hexes – 45$ Never placed. Probably never even carried up a climb. Slight scuffing from being stored and moved together.
DMM Hexes – 45$ Moderate usage, No whips.
Micro DMM brass offsets 2x #0, #1, #2 + 1 random 3kn BD micro – 90$ Never used
SOLD - Beastmaker
Rope protector pair  - 20$ Light use.
Chalk Bucket – 10$ Light use
Organic Chalk Bag – 10$ Light use
SOLD Muiras lace up
La Sportiva Katana velcros – $5.00 no rubber left on the tips EU38.5
La Sportiva Genius - $100.00 time for a resole but in very good condition EU41.5
La Sportiva Climbing on the Moon Approach shoes – $80.00 EU39 very light use as an approach shoe
La Sportiva Akasha – $40.00 EU39? Moderate use, life left in the shoe
Hand Jammies Green Gear Large - $25.00 never used
Nut tool with tether - $10.00 light use
Garmin Etrex - $80.00 light use
BD Magnetron - $20.00 light use
BD Gridlock - $15.00 moderate use
Wild Country Safety lite screw gate biner - $10.00 never used
Omega 10 D modified steel carabiner - $15.00 never used
Omega 10 D modified steel carabiner - $12.00 light use
Fixe Steel Twin Screw Safety biner - $9.00 never used
Grivel HMS Mega Twin Gate locking biner - $10.00 used to safety our cat leash to the van

Sterling America Rope 60m 10mm – $100.00 moderate use  
Static Line Roca 11mm 40m? – $60.00 used once or twice  
Metolius 4 loop gear sling - $18.00 used once or twice
Misty Mountain Double Loop Gear sling - $25.00 moderate use
Metolius single gear sling - $18.00 used once or twice

PICTURE#6CARABINERS – despite little to no use on most, they have been used to store gear so they have some scratches from cams rubbing etc.
BD Hooded carabiners - $7.00 each  
Camp Photon biners - $6.50 each
DMM Chimera biners - $10.50 each (large collection bottom right biners)
Wild Country Helium biner - $10.00 – moderate use
DMM Shadow - $8.00 – little to no use
Assorted others (i.e., Trango Phase & BDs) - $4.00 each – little to no use
Metolius Offsets - $60.00 per cam/ $340.00 for the lot – never placed, some storage nicks, old style with the thumb loop  
DMM Dragons – light use on all - carrying up a climb to bail and down clean
-#00 to #3 - $50.00 each
-#4-#6 - $55.00 each
-Full single rack (#00-#6) - $400.00
Metolius Power Cam - $45.00, pretty sure this just got carried along on all the climbs for weight training

PICTURE#8,9La Sportiva Rope Backpack 40L front zip - $50.00 – moderate use, one buckle broken
Exped Cloudburst 25L (ultralight stuff sack backpack) - $50.00 – good shape, one patch
Salomon Adv Skin 5L running vest XXS - $20.00 – all zippers work, used, holes in main pocket but still usable, largest hole 3cm?, probably needs patches, sun damage to red colouring
Ruff Wear XXS Webmaster Harness - $50.00 – basically new, tried to put the cat in it for rappelling and found out she’s too slinky to stay in it
La Sportiva Anakonda EU45 – $80.00 – very little use, not enough support for my fat ass
BD Half Dome Helmet M/L - $45.00 – used once, forgot my helmet for a climbing trip – intelligent move
La Sportiva Solutions EU37.5? - $10.00 – due for a resole, broken strap
Scarpa Iguana EU44 - $45.00 – moderate use as my “nice shoes”
Metolius Aid Ladders (8 step) – $45.00 each - new, tags attached
BD Screw Gate (larger side) - $12.00 – moderate use
One Planet Vertex 45L fully waterproof hiking/mountaineering backpack - $175.00 – light use
Wild Country Rope Bag with built in rope tarp - $30.00 – light use
Mammut Spark Dry 9.5mm 60m rope – $150.00 – light use – caught less than 5 whips
Leki Makalu Tour - $70.00 – light use
SOLD - BD poles
POC arm warmers L - $25.00 – used once, forgot my arm warmers for a Poland trip
OR Gaiters S? - $20.00 – moderate use
Built in Juicer Bottle (glass) - $10.00, too lazy to use  
Tea thermos (white) - $10.00, too lazy to use
Hilton Honors thermos bottle - $20.00 – new
Brita bottle - $15.00 – new
Brita bottle - $12.00 – used once
Artoid Protein Shaker - $5.00 – light use, has superficial crack
Typo Thermos bottle - $20.00 – used once
Nalgene wide top - $5.00 – moderate use
Kleene Kanteen - $15.00 – moderate use, comes with regular lid too
BD Womens M Soft Shell Jacket - $25.00 – light use
North Face Womens S Soft Shell Jacket - $10.00 – moderate use, stains on cuffs
Grand Junction Rock - $70.00 (brand new – Amazon used price $90.00)
Katana Lace up 38.5EU – $10.00 in need of a resole, fraying on the laces
Enlightened Equipment Double person quilt (down, 30degree Fahrenheit) - $350.00 - used once, got our food destroyed by a bear, quit overnight hiking – been stored in the storage bag & includes stuff sack
Air Core Big Agnes Sleeping Mat - $60.00 – see above for reason selling
Thermarest Sleeping Mat - $70.00 – see above for reason selling
Wild Country Harnesses (S) - $10.00 each (retired from our use)
Custom Handmade Paisley Chalkbag with cufflinks for harness attachment - $5.00, not the sturdiest
PICTURE#16 – kitten not included
Eastern Mountain Sports Ascent M/L down jacket broken zipper (needs zippy thing reattached) - $75.00, light use then the zippy thing popped off
Metolius Half Dome Haul Bag - $140.00 – used once to ferry gear from Australia to US, no backpack straps, we can look really hard for them if it’s a deal breaker
PICTURE#18, 19
Salomon Flasks - $10.00 each – moderate use
Platypus Flask - $10.00 – light use
Salomon wrist flask holder - $25.00 – used once
Nite Ize cell phone arm band - $5.00 – fits Note4?
Hydropak (2L) - $15.00 – never used
MSR Dromedary – missing lid - $15.00
Ascenders (L&R) - $140.00 – never used
Tricam set - $75.00 – never used
Sportiva Ultra Raptor EU41 - $100.00 –used once (muddy approach – can clean if you’d like)
PICTURE #20 - won't upload, please email
Metolius PAS - $3.00 each – bought 8 years ago, used for 5 years and retired
XS/S Noli Yoga Black Sports Bra - $10.00 – tried on once, made me look fat
Aerie S Pink Sports Bra - $5.00 – moderate use
UnderArmour Yellow Sports Bra S? (no tags) - $5.00 – light use
Somedays Lovin’ M Blue Bra? - $7.00 – used once, somehow has a tear on the front between lower black band and upper blue netting, can fix before sending if you’d like
Smartwool Blue headband - $5.00 – light use, definitely for smaller heads
Omega 10 D modified steel carabiner - $12.00 light use – lived on a backpack strap for unknown reasons
BD mini Moji Lantern - $15.00 – light use in our gear closet, runs on batteries
Tie Die Custom Handmade Chalk Bag (more like bucket) with reused USB Cable to shut - $2.00 – has seen chalk, tears in used tie die material stitched together
Custom Handmade Jeans chalk bag - $7.00
Bear Vault BV500 - $60.00 – got kicked by a bear once, he turned his attention to the Kevlar bag instead – does its job, used twice
PICTURE #21, 22
Union Binding Company 2015/2016 ST Model Men’s L/XL (US Unisex 10.5 to 14) - $135.00 – used a for maybe 10 snow days. Bought new boots (smaller) and had to buy a different pair of bindings. 

PICTURE#23, 24
2015 GNU Carbon Credit BTX Grey Wide Version - $150.00 – used for one season, in good condition, no major scratches or dents
Painter’s pole/ stick clipping pole - $5.00 – 3ft to 6ft telescoping.
PICTURE#25Rz Mask Breathe Safe - $30.00 – like new, tried on once
Mountain Series Medical Kit Weekender EMPTY, BAG ONLY - $7.00
Blue Fuzzy Neck Gaiter - $5.00 – light use
PICTURE#26, 27
Airblaster Freedom Onesie Suit Women’s M Glacier Collection - $100.00, used for a season, rip in the seam of the right front body pocket, right cuff tightening fabric slip thing missing (ripped off). Waterproofing still good, all zips & other pockets in good working order.

I know you can never have too much gear, but maybe a little consolidation is in order?
Excuse the munchkin cats.