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More info and DIY help at See more photos on the craigslist posting at https://boise.craigslist.org/for/6889079240.html

This van is currently has 36,000 miles, a clean title and is in Bend OR but I'm willing to relocate for the right buyer.
Searching for the perfect van in the pits of the internet is like sifting for gold during the California Gold Rush. Sure, there's a chance you might strike it rich, but you're more likely to butt heads with strangers, and come up empty handed.Fear not, Craigslister! You have driven your digital pickaxe into the great motherlode of vans! Amongst the disappointing, overpriced, and sorrowful diggings of Craigslist vandom, you have, if I may say so myself, struck gold on this customized 2017 Dodge Promaster.

First of all, I've been living in vans for the last 5 years and had a chance to build, move in, sell and start over. The van for sale if the 4th van in that process and has several upgrades from previous models. It's a 2017 Dodge Promaster with 36K miles. Custom cabinetry, gorgeous wood-grain countertops, and tongue-and-groove pine panel walls make it feel more like a cozy cabin than an RV. The 2-burner cooktop/oven, furnace and hot water heater all run on propane. The waterpump, lights, fridge, fan and 110v ac outlet are all powered by solar (300w solar, with 300 ah battery bank). The van for sale is like new and the interior is brand new.

My name is Josh. I decided to start building vans professionally after building my first van a few years ago and hearing a steady stream of compliments for the carpentry and craftsmanship of this gorgeous home on wheels. I bring up my history of van-living (I lived in a VW Westy for 3 years) because too often people build vans without actually knowing what is important and what isn't. I know the ins and outs, ups and downs of life in a van, and I build them accordingly. In fact, I built out this dream van with ungodly hours of thought, years of van dwelling experience and 6 specific requirements in mind:

My 6 Requirements for a Dream Build:

-Bed--I want a comfortable bed that stays put all the time. People often go with bench builds, but they require assembly/disassembly daily and they're often a pain to deal with. Van videos show a quick switch over but skip over the fact that you want to add sheets too My bed is 6-feet long and 5-feet wide--essentially a queen width with a full length.

-Storage--Despite having two locks on them, I once had my bikes stolen off the back of my Westy. It was really awful. To avoid that happening ever again, I built my bed high enough to put several bikes underneath. The rear storage area (AKA "the garage") is so palatial that I actually have extra space to spare and I own a lot of gear! In the garage, there are also shelves and bins that I use for storing kayak gear, snowboarding gear, bike gear, and climbing gear. Gear goes inside, thieves stay out. It's currently empty but it can easily fit 2 bikes and 4 storage bins or 4 bikes if you forgo the bins. It could even be turned into a kids room if that's where you want to take it. There's plenty of storage in the main cabin as well.

-- Shower! Yes there is a shower in the new van with hot water. And the best part; it folds up and disappears. You'll have to see it to believe it. There is also a spot for a composting toilet if you want to go down that road.

--A big fridge--Life on the road, at least for me, made me want a bigger fridge than your average van build. I've got a 4.2 cubic ft fridge (Truckfridge TF-130) sitting snugly alongside my countertops that doubles as a bedside table. It can easily fit a 30 rack of beer, fresh fruit and veggies, leftovers, orange juice, yogurt and Ice Cream, all at the same time. Also it's not sitting on the ground like most builds so you can access it at waist height. Nothing's better than a cold one after climbing. Nothing's worse than a warm one after climbing. Well, there are some things that are worse. But you get my point.

--Oven--having an oven is a luxury that, again, most builds can't make work. I've got a deluxe Camp Chef oven in this baby. It's set into my custom, epoxy-finished countertops, protected by fireproof hardy board, and runs off of a propane tank stealthily stashed underneath the van. Banana bread in the morning? Absolutely.

--Table--I wanted a table with a seating area big enough for 4 people to play board games or have dinner. My bench and fold out table (which is supported by gas-struts) can comfortably seat 4, and 5 people can squeeze in when necessary.

All in all, this van is just about perfect for those seeking adventure on the road. The vehicle itself is in great shape. I purchased it directly from a Dodge dealership and it is dealer certified (paperwork included). The build has incredible gear storage, a comfortable bed, and ample counter space. As much as it pains me to say goodbye, it's time I continue on my quest to build the best van of all times and find a new home for this beauty.

Welcome to the California gold rush, Craigslister. Happy hunting!

Additional specs:

-propane furnace, with thermostat
-propane oven
-propane water heater
-stealthy exterior (looks like a work van) allows for overnights in urban settings
-300w solar
-300 ah battery bank
- 1500w pure sine inverter
-large table with seating for 4-5 people
-fully insulated - 2" R13 foam board on the walls, 1 inch foam board on the ceiling and all gaps and beams filled with Greatstuff
-Minwax treated pine boards for moisture-resistant walls that look amazing
-solidly built, custom cabinets
-epoxy-finished wood countertops
-huge fridge (4.2 cubic ft)
-queen-sized bed
-12 gallon water storage
- electric water pump
-led puck lights in the main cabin
- swagtastic led color changing lights over the bed

Feel free to contact me with additional questions or to schedule a visit. This van will not stay on the market long.
If you've made this far you know this van is pure gold.


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