NEW GEAR ADDED (rope, biners, QD, cams, ice tools, nuts, crampons, tent, jacket, gloves, etc)

Sorry for my English i'm French

Before listing gear you must know that i'm from Canada but I travel a lot in USA so I can ship everything from USA if you want if.

Price are in $US. I don't charge taxe. IF YOU FOUND A BETTER PRICE I WILL PROBABLY MATCH IT WITH 5% OFF. Shipping is include except if it cost me my eyes, I will let you know and you will be free to decided to buy or not.

Some of you have say 2 months ago that I was not rather former in the forum to be reliable. I am going to try to settle the question with the next 2 pictures. Be without fear. That's mean also not serious or not honest buyer are welcome go to see somewhere else. Thank you.

Me with some gear behind

I'm from the Provincial Police so please buy with confidence.


Used Climb-X Nuts, size 1 to 10
I d'ont think so I ever place those nuts on rock more than 1 or two time but I rack them on my harness couples of times. Some of them looks new.
40$ for the lot.

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NEW Petzl Vasak Crampons Spirlock 130$

SOLD - NEW DMM Dragon 2 size 5 60$
SOLD - NEW BD Ultralight size 0.5 60$

NEW Edelweiss O-flex 9,8mm 50m 115$


New 7 quickdraws. I build it myself. They are beast for sport climbing. 85$

Both biner form Stubai (made in Tirol, Austria)
Rope have a shape for easy clipping and a big deep basket. Rated 25/10/11 kN. You can fall on that with open gate.

Bolt biner rated 26/8/10 kN and have grip for easy clipping. Dogbone are BD 14mm Dynex 12cm.

Stubai and BD Close up


NEW 5 BD FreeWire quickdraw 50$
rated 24/8/7 kN

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Camp Photon Wire pack
40$ each pack

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SOLD - NEW Camp Carvex dyneema size 11 14$ LOWER PRICE 12$

SOLD - NEW DMM Peenuts set 35$

NEW Metolius Rabbit Runner 8$



Camp Carvex size 11 - 14$

Metolius Rabbit Runner 8$

SOLD - NEW Camp Orbit locking biner 22/8/8 kN 8$

SOLD - NEW (but one have micro scratch from racking one time only) 2 x Mad Rock Super Tech locking 24/8/9 kN 6$ each

DMM offset nuts (see next pictures)

SOLD but contact me if you want it NEW 55$.
USED 1-2 times or none but rack on harness DMM Alloy offsets 45$

NEW 3 Brass offsets size 4 to 6 45$
LOWER PRICE 40$ (extanded the range of Alloy offsets for small pieces)


Climb X, X-Tech Cams, 10 kN
size 9 blue, range: 77-100 mm 203g. 35$
size 10 black/yellow, range 97-130mm, 246g. 35$
  • both cams have small scratchs from racking. Never place

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Still Available

Used 5-6 times Petzl Ergo. Sharpened by me. I remove the second teeth and the paint for less friction. The picks are in perfect shape. Come with all accesory and 2 mammut pick protector rubber. 450$ for both.

Ergo accesory


pick close up 1

pick close up 2

pick close up 3


NEW (except 2 have been used only one time) 8 Mammut biner 24/8/8kN 35$


BD Xenos Harness XL with 4 ice clipper (come with only one but I give 3 more for free). I used it only 2 times. Regular price is 130$. Buy it for 75$ and take 3 more ice clipper free (value 24$). Built with BD Kinetic Core Construction™ and a water-shedding shell material. It design for Ice and mixte climbing but are great on rock too.
For winter cold weather (like ice climbing) i'll suggest to step one size bigger. If you are usually Large fit, this one will be good.

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NEW Osprey Xenith 88 M blue backpack 250$

same pack


NEW MSR Rendez Vous 120 150$

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NEW Golite Shangri-La 2 shelter green and grey. Have been remove from is stuff sack one time to see it. 125$ (retails 300$)

Golite shelter

DMM Shield. The most expansive quickdraw ever, I think. Also considered by many as the best ever. I think DMM is about to stop producing it (I'm not sure) probably because they are too expansive. They change it for the Chimera and Alpha.
Shield are Light, wire, clean nose and narrow nose (in opposition to most wire clean nose) with nice shape, big basket and very good rating 24/7/10 kN. Yes open gate at 10kN.
10 x 12cm 22$
8 x 18cm 23$

clean and narrow nose

DMM Shield with dyneema dogbone


Used one time only. Big Agnes Two Track sleeping pad. 20x78x1.5, R 4.5, 980g


Only use for racking one or two times. Very thinny scratch.
4 BD Dynotron carabiner 25/8/8kN
25$ for all 4


NEW Edelrid Element Rope Bag
45$. Come with the tag but can't see on picture.

Same Edelrid Element New bag. Can be use as a backpack also as a shoulder pack. Come with a large tarp to protect and deploy the rope. 45$

SOLD - NEW CAMP Nylon Tricam size 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2, 2.5
14$ each.

NEW DMM Shadow locking set (wrong tag on it)
30$ for the set

All Medium
BD 2 Hot Forge jacket with water resistance down
BD 2 CoEfficient
BD Glissade and Enforcer gloves

SOLD - BD Hot Forge Hybrid Hoody 115$ (retail 250$)


BD Hot Forge Hybrid 100$ (retail 220$)


BD CoEfficient 1/4 zip 65$ (retail 140$)


BD CoEfficient full zip 85$ (retail 160$)


BD Enforcer Gloves Medium 90$ Goretex, specific for ice climbing. (retail 140$)

Enforcer glove

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BD Glissade Gloves Medium 50$ (retail 70$)

Glissade Gloves


NEW (no tag) Mountain Hardware Seraction Gloves Medium 65$ (retail 120$)

Sling, all NEW
Blue Water 1'' x 30ft 10$
3 x Mammut Tubular Nylon 16mm (1 grey/red and 2 multicolored) 60cm 5$ each
2 x Camp Dyneema 10mm, 60cm 9$ each

Blue water sling

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LOWER 50$ for 2 leash

NEW BD Android Leash. Simply the best leash. Retail is 46$ each. I'll put 2 in the same bag. 55$ for 2 leash

BD Positron Bend Gate
Some NEW some used 1or 2 times.
Qty: 10 sold, 4 left
5$ each


NEW BD Oz carabiner Cosmetic Second
To be honest I really don't know what is the cosmetic issue. They look perfect for me.
7$ each

LOWER PRICE both at 32$

Comlumbia Freeze Degree 1/2 zip Large 40$ (retail 75$)

Mountain Hardware Elmoro Half zip Medium 40$ (retail 70$)
Both are stretch.

Columbia Freeze Degree Large

Mountain Hardware Elmoro Medium


Used one time
BD Beanie 100% acrylic 12$

BD Beanie inside

SOLD - Used couple time but in very good condition Metolius Simulator 3D Hangboard 55$
Screw have a bit of rust. Come with screws and userguide. Board have been fully clean.

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NEW CAMP Ballnut No 2, 8kN - 28$

SOLD - Used one time Wild Country Pro Nut Tool With Leash 11$

LOWER PRICE 16$ for 5.

NEW Black Diamond Dynex (Dyneema) Dogbone 10mm, 20cm. Perfect length for trad. 5 per bag. 20$ per bag (4$ per dogbone)

LOWER PRICE 16$ each

Usedless than 5 times - Alpine Draw with 60cm Black Diamond Dyneema sling. Silver Orbit Camp biner and Black Diamond Bend Gate for the rope. 18$ each

2 NEW Orange Camp Orbit Bend Gate - 6$ each

LOWER PRICE 70$ for the set

Wired Bliss Cam in a very good condition (made in USA).
Red range 43-60mm, 135gr.
Blue range 56-75mm, 176gr.
Orange range 65-90mm, 205gr.
All for 85$

Cam 1

Cam 2

cam 3

Metolius Master Cam double rack size 1 to 6.

Very Good Condition. Used 10-15 times. Never fall on it.
220$ for a rack (size 1 to 6).

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NEW 12 CAMP Dyneema Dogbone 11cm. Was used on nano 23 but I remove it to put longer one.
42$ for 12 (3.50 each)

3 Black diamond Locking Biner for ATC. Both Brown was used 10-15 times. Silver was used one or two times. 7$ each.

Wild Country VC Pro II ATC. Used 2-3 times. Was mostly used as a backup on my harness. That's it. Scratch outside from sometime touching the rock. Inside and teeth are Like New. 11$

SOLD - Used 4 CAMP Tricam, Size1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 25$ for the set


NEW Metolius Astro Nut Brass OffsetSize 1 to 5
55$ for the set

SET SOLD but contact me if you want it.

NEW DMM Torque. The green was put only one time on the side as a passive nut. The 3 others never been rack on an harness.
50$ for the set

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SET SOLD but contact me if you want it.

Brand NEW DMM Wallnut size 1 to 11
80$ for the set.

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2 NEW DMM Revolver Cosmetic Second. The best way to prevent rope drag.
26$ each


2 NEW Wild Country Dyneema Sling 10mm, 400cm.


2 USED BD Positron locking Biner
Both for 16$