Lightweight Gear Manufacturers Database

This is a list of mostly weight conscious gear manufacturers. Some of these are true 'cottage' manufacturers making gear by hand, while others are larger manufacturers but still keep an emphasis on lightweight practices.

This list is also constantly evolving. You're encouraged to add a new entry if you identify a manufacturer that's missing.


Tim and Donna, otherwise known as 2Questions or 2Q and Zipper Queen or ZQ, specialize in custom alterations to existing hammocks.

NZ based UL pack manufacturer focusing on splitting pack weight between front and rear loaded.

European based gear materials/fabrics supplier.

Lightweight shelters, cook systems, accessories and more.

Innovative, minimalist ultralight frameless backpacks constructed in Pennsylvania, a stones throw from Lehigh Gap on the AT.

Makers of ultralight 3-man and 5-man tents.

Lightweight hammock centric gear manufacturer. Tarps, under/over quilts, tenkara fishing equipment and more.

Ultralight and custom made outdoor clothing and gear.

Ultralight custom made pack maker based in England.

Hard anodized durable, lightweight cooking pans.

Makers of the Bare Boxer Contender, bear canister.

Makers of the BV450 Solo and BV500 bear canisters. Sierra Nevada approved.

Cottage tent, tarp, bivy and accessories manufacturer. Fabric supplier. Custom orders and design.

Custom lightweight gear manuafactuer based in Europe.

Lightweight and Ultralight tents, sleeping pads and sleeping bags.

Makers of ultralight freestanding tents.

Black Crystal Online offer diverse & high quality men’s, women’s & Children's hiking and snow gaiters products that you can buy at the best prices.

Outdoor gear and apparel manufacturer.

Handmade small down products. Hammock pillow, hats, gloves and vests.

Custom Ultralight Backpacking Gear.

Makers of a line of Brasslite Turbo lightweight alcohol stoves.

Custom engraved hand made walking sticks

Shelter, Sleeping, Apparel, Snow Tools, Rescue. They make it all.

Alpine and expedition apparel

Jackets, jackets and...well jackets. Good jackets.

Producer of Bushbuddy line of ultralight backpacking stoves.

Producers of lightweight and ultralight climbing gear and apparel.

Manufacturer of an ultralight firebox type stove, keeping the fire off of the ground.

Climbing, Skiing, Urban and travel packs.

3 and 4 season ultralight to fully-featured jungle hammocks.

Like the name says, they make backpacks for alpine environments.

Snowshoes and snow poles.
Tough, light and functional climbing specialized manufacturer. Tents, packs, apparel and sleep systems.

Manufacturer of sleeping bags, quilts, and down garments based in Poland

Specialty hammocks and tarps as well as various camping products.

Creators of the popular dirty girl gaiters, spandex ultralight ankle gaiters.
DIY guides, fabrics and materials for making your own lightweight gear.

High quality, US made hammock manufacturer. 

Welcome to Dutchware. In 2003 I hiked the entire Appalachian Trail and learned to take a minimalist approach to my hiking gear and life in general. (See Dutch’s 2003 Applalacian Trail Journal )

I could not find much gear sold commercially that shared my passion for stripping away anything that wasn’t needed. So, I started making my own gear, such as hammocks, backpacks, quilts and clothes. I especially enjoyed making hardware for the hammock community and soon was the inventor and manufacturer of the Dutch Clip (a clip that connects webbing suspension around the tree).

With the advent of the whoopie sling as a light and adjustable suspension, I invented the Dutch Biner, a 10 gram carabiner that connects the whoopie sling to an amsteel loop.

In September 2010, I formed Dutch Clips LLC to produce these hammock suspension devices. I continued, with the help of some good friends, to create more solutions for the hammocking community.

In early 2011, I helped develop the Dutch Flyz, a no-knot quick connection device for your tarp.

I strive to produce high quality, innovative products using a minimalist approach not only in the product itself, but also in the production process. Whenever possible, I use local manufacturers and recycled materials and packaging to be a good steward of the earth. I also strive to reduce packaging to reduce waste and shipping cost to you, my valued customer.

If you are not 100% satisfied with my products, simple return them for a full refund. Thank you for taking the time to look at my site.


Manufacturer of outdoor apparel and gear.

Manufacturer of superlight packs

Makers of popular line of hand made ultralight backpacking and hammock quilts.

Manufacturer of ultralight packs, shelters, accessories and more.

Manufacturer of ultralight backpacking and bushcraft gear. Alcohol stoves, tarps and tents.

Producer of very popular line of ultralight titanium and aluminum cookware.

Expedition equipment manufacturer

Manufacturer of down lightweight sleeping bags and apparel.

Ultralight alcohol stove manufacturer.

Manufacturer of mountaineering and extreme climbing gear.
Ultralight multi-fuel stoves and cookware.
Outdoor clothing and lightweight equipment manufacturer.
Down booties and apparel.

Maker of small form-factor HD cameras.

Makers of highly popular ultralight packs, shelters, sleep systems and more.

European ultralight custom gear manufacturer. Quilts, packs and accessories.

Manufacturer of ICEBOX igloo lightweight snow shelter builder.

Makers of backpacks and paddling equipment and accessories.

Manufacturer of lightweight hammocks and camp furniture.

Maker of high quality packs (backpacking, alpine, casual)

High quality, Russia made titanium flatware manufacturer

Custom made hammock insulation manufacturers.
Hennessey makes a wide range of hammocks, from superlight minimal to fully-featured all-in-one systems.

High quality lightweight all-season backpacking and mountaineering tents.

Lightweight cramp-ons and gaiters.

Ultralight cuben fiber backpacks, shelters and accessories.

Lightweight shelters, bivys, gaiters and accessories.

Manufacturer of high quality ultralight backpacking and camping gear. Hammock suspension, quilts.

Lightweight camp stoves

Lightweight microspikes, crampons and snowshoes.

Manufacturer of high quality ultralight down sleeping bags, bivys and down hoods.

Manufacturers of a wide line of outdoor and lightweight backpacking gear.

Mountain/Climbing footwear and apparel manufacturer.

German Ultralight gear manufacturer and retailer.

Ultralight retailer specializing in small items, guyline, stakes, bottles/droppers, sleeping pads and more.

Trekking/Alpine poles and equipment.

Ultralight double-wall shelters, fabrics, accessories and MYOG material supplies.

US based custom gear/pack manufacturer

Provider of hammock quilts

Manufacturer of ultralight shelters, tarps, bivys and trekking poles.

Handmade ultralight cuben and down products.

They make ultralight solar-powered inflatable lights. Their lights are waterproof, float and have several brightness settings.

Lightweight backpacking DVDs, books and videos.

Manufacturer of outdoor and climbing apparel and gear.

Outdoor clothing and equipment manufacturer.

Custom high quality packs.

Ultralight alcohol stove maker.

Hand made ultralight stoves, windscreens and stuff sacks at very reasonable prices.

Lightweight and Ultralight outdoor apparel and hard goods. Very popular line of lightweight down jackets and super spiral sleeping bags. They also produce tents, backpacks, trekking poles and other accessories.

Custom lightweight textile product producer. Custom tents, packs, tarps and more.

Outdoor clothing and equipment manufacturer.

Popular lightweight gear manufacturer. Packs, tarps, bivys, tents and more. MYOG fabic supplier.

Mountain and camp gear manufacturer.

Handmade specialty packs. Military, tactical, hunting, fire and rescue, adventure and more.

High quality sleeping bags, shelters and sleeping pads

Handmade, ultralight backcountry stoves.

High quality lightweight snowshoes.

Ultralight down gear manufacturer.
UK based wood burning camp stove manufacturer.
Lightweight camping and backpacking gear tailored towards UK and Northern European needs.

Pack manufacturer.

Lightweight tarps, shelters and accessories. Custom orders.

Vegetarian and vegan backpacking food

Outdoor specialty apparel manufacturer.

Fabrics and hardware (zippers, grommets, etc) for DIY gear production.

Handcrafted lightweight tarps and miscellaneous camp/shelter supplies.

A couple of thru-hikers who makes awesome packs!

Specially designed ergonomic poles for trekking, hiking or fitness walking.

Lightweight alcohol stoves and accessories.

Wilderness food supplier

Lightweight gear manufacturer for UK and Northern Europe.

Lightweight apparel manufacturer.

High quality custom made boots.

Climbing gear and lamp manufacturer.

Outdoor clothing and equipment manufacturer.

Super tough and durable clothing.

Ultralight MYOG guides, supplies, gear and kits.

Lightweight apparel.


No explanation needed.

Front packs that can be added to any existing backpack.

Custom made simplistic/traditional packs.

Miscellaneous ultralight and lightweight alternative gear. Carbon fiber pot lids and tent poles.

Stuff sacks, Dry sacks, Packs, Sleeping bags and more.

Maker of ultralight packs, tarps, tents and wood stoves.

High quality backpacking gear and apparel.

Producer of ultralight gear. Gaiters, bug nets, etc.

High quality ultralight backpacking and camping gear manufacturer.

Manufacturer of wool socks among a variety of other apparel items.

Outdoor cooking and camp gear manufacturer.

A line of lightweight wood-burning stoves.

Lightweight high quality tents and sleeping bags.

Ultralight backpacking tools and accessories.

Known as the Ultimate Festival Blanket, Tarpestry embodies functionality and a focus on aesthetics.  Half functional Tarp complete with durable fabrics and grommet rings, and half large format art, the Tarpestry can really complete your outdoor gear neccesities!  Tarpestry works with art from a variety of styles including, traditional indian prints, traditional poolside prints, Poster artists, and brands.  Uniquely geared for the outdoor enthusiast who craves music festivals and a touch of style at their campsite.  Lightweight and super durable product comes in 2 sizes to please all group sizes!

Manufacturer of popular line of ultralight and lightweight backpacking tents.

Ultralight, high quality under quilts.

Tree tent manufacturer.

Makers of authentic period tents.

UK based lightweight and ultralight gear manufacturer. Tents, packs, tarps, sleeping bags and apparel.

Austrailian ultralight handcrafted backpacking and bushcraft gear. Tarps, quilts, packs and custom work.

Outdoor clothing and equipment manufacturer.

UK based lighweight packs, apparel and accessories manufacturer.

Ultralight full coverage backpacking rain parka.

Lightweight sleeping pads, sleeping bags and camp accessories.

MYOG materials and information.

Handmade lightweight and ultralight sleeping systems and wearable insulation, made in the US.

Minimalist tent, tarp and general shelter builder based in France.

Lightweight conical shelters, cook systems and more.

Trail and Era offers the best in Lightweight / Ultralight weight backpacker gear. Some of the best manufactures can be found here all under one roof!

Manufacturer and retailer of lightweight and ultralight stoves, cookware and accessories. Caldera stove makers.
TrailGear manufacuters the Bushwhacker line of stoves.

Trekkertent makes ultralight tents and shelters, designed for use in the UK climate and particularly the strong winds and exposed terrain of the Scottish Highlands.


Producers of some of the best Lightweight and Ultralight backpacks in the world. Located in Logan, UT.

Ultralight poncho tent, backpack and stoves.

High Performance Sleeping Systems, Tarps and Accessories.

Ursack is a bear resistant food sack made from lightweight fabric.

Ultralight titanium stoves, cookware, kitchen items and tools

Ultralight stove manufacturer.

Manufacturer of lightweight hammocks, tarps and quilts. Bulk down supplier.

High quality ultralight down sleeping bags and apparel.

Maker of ultralight alcohol stoves.
Complete hammock and tarp suspension systems.
Makers of the popular line of Berikade carbon fiber bear canisters.

Custom lightweight all-mountain apparel.

Creator of lightweight tarps, hammock tarps, top quilts, under quilts and more.

Ultralight all-season cuben shelters and DIY/MYOG kits supplies. Cuben fiber supplier.

Japanese ultralight gear manufacturer. Packs, stuff sacks, sleeping pads and clothing.

European manuafacturer of jackets, sleeping bags and accessories. Specilizing in down equipment.

Custom made ultralight backpacks. Tenkara gear as well as MYOG supplies

Ultralight cuben fiber shelters, backpacks and accessories.

Creaters and sellers of the Sierra Zip Stove and Titanium Sierra Zip Stove.  They are a cottage manufacturer located in Athens, Alabama.