ICE GEAR: tools, crampons, screws

first up is a nice pair of Grivel Rambo-crampomatic crampons in great shape. set up as mono points but comes with extra points(new) and wrench so you can set 'em up as dual or just keep them s replacement points.$100 shipped

next is a pair of Black Diamond "RAGE" ice tools in excellent condition, not too far from new. comes with nice leashes and extra set of brand new picks.$200 shipped

ice screws all brand new. the grivel is still in original bag:
1 omega pacific 22cm- $25
1 grivel 360 22cm- $30
2 BD Turbo 17cm- SOLD
1 BD turbo 22cm- $25
1 BD express 13cm- $30
add $6 shipping for 1 screw. shipping combined for multiple screws.
paypal only


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