Katana Laces 37.5 Brand New

Never worn, ever. About a year old but never left the box except to try them on and immediately think "way too small for me", then back into the box and forgotten about in a closet. $110 and that includes shipping.

I've been a MP Admin for almost 20 years for Texas and Mexico so I would say fairly obviously I'm not a bot, this isn't any type of scam and I'm not any type of red flag when it comes to shipping reliability and my word. This is a killer deal if it's what you're looking for.

PM me if interested. I'd want 100 bux PayPaled credit card only and they'd ship that very minute. If this doesn't work for you then REI, Backcountry.com or wherever else is totally waiting for you. There's no other type of exchange that would be of interest to me. Thank you!


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