FS: 3 cams and nuts $50 + shipping

Updated with sold items 9/18

Alrighty folks, creek season is coming up and you know you need some extra widgets for your send on Supercrack and Incredible Hand Crack. Shipping NOT included, Venmo or Paypal accepted. Pickup in Monticello, UT or shipped USPS. I will hold them for you but only with payment up front if you are coming this way. All of these cams are from the 90s/early 2000s and I am guessing the slings are original. You may want to cut them off and replace them with some webbing, but that's your call. If the cam is attached to a carabiner it comes with it.

1x Camalot Junior .5 - $20.00 each

2x Camalot Junior .75 - $20.00 each

Assorted BD nuts $10.00 for the lot (must take all)

Buy all the remaining cams and nuts for $50 bucks

SOLD 2x Camalot #1 - $25.00 each

SOLD 2x Camalot #2 - $25.00 each

SOLD 2x Camalot #3 - $25.00 each

SOLD 5x sketchy old quick draws $10.00 for the lot (must take all) buy them for the carabiners and toss the dogbones

Assorted lockers and carabiners $10.00 (must take all) most of them are BD with few Chouinard ovals and a climbtech.