[FS] Closet Cleanout -- Alpine draws, Carabiners, Slings, Cordalette, Hangboard, Mens size S-M Pants, E9's, OG Cirque Pants, Puffies, Merrel shoes, WOMEN's Keen hikers, Camera gear

Lots of decent to high quality gear that I've either replaced or made redundant over the last couple of years. PM me about anything of interest. Local Pickup in SE Michigan. Higher res/clearer photos available if needed.

6 Trango Phase Alpine Draws -- $85 for the lot -- clipped lots of times, weighted here and there on anchors, but none have ever taken a fall. $80 for the lot
5 old school alpine draws -- $40 for the lot -- got these on MP a year or so ago. Also been clipped plenty, but also never fallen on. Obviously can't speak to their history before I got them. Some of the biners are some kind of old BD litewires, others look similar but are more round-stock. They make tasteful clanking noises when racked up.

2 double-length Metolius slings, one Nylon (different length shown in link, same sling) one Dyneema (11mm). $6 each -- hardly ever used, basically new

2 ~10ft lengths of Blue Waters 7mm nylon core accessory cord - $6 each - I cut these and then almost never used it. Good for carrying on mutlipitches with bolted anchors.

Metolius Equalizer -- $15 -- fun little piece, just too niche for me. I used it exactly once for a toprope anchor, basically new.

Single BD Positron locker -- $5 with any other purchase -- had this one sitting around for a couple years, only ever used on a GriGri

Metolius Light Rail -- $25 -- Used a bit, good as new, simply don't need it

Original Version OR Cirque Lite pants, size S -- $50 -- Got these on MP a while ago, wore them on a few routes. They're amazing pants, it's almost sad to sell them. I just don't need them. FWIW, I'm 5'10" with an athletic build in my thighs, and these fit, but were slightly tight on the thighs. Feel great on the butt. And they're bombproof. No abrasion on rock, or walking through midwest thorn bushes has ever damaged them. These are NOT the same as the current generation of the Cirque Lite pants. The current iteration is much thinner, and lacks a real ice climbing cuff/flar at the bottom. Think of these as a hybrid between the current Cirque II's and Cirque II Lites.

E9 Rando Slim Pants - size S - $50 - Super sick pants. Just not my color. A couple small holes.

Black Diamond Notion Pants (links to newer version) -- 30 waist -- $25 -- Really comfy gym or summer rock pants. They're quite worn, and I've hand sewn them in places a few times. Currently the waist belt could use some stitching as well, but still works at either the tightest or loosest positions. Definitely some life left if you don't mind something with some character.

Decathlon Forclaz MT100 Puffy -- $40 -- This thing is GOLD. I recommend this jacket to absolutely everyone. With 800 fill down, it is literally a clone of the MH Ghost whisperer (see this comparison video) for only retail $99. For active insulation and technical face fabrics, I'll shell out on the big brands. But a puffy? No, it's just down and fragile nylon face fabrics. There is no reason to pay for the MH logo on something that is just as good from Decathlon. I'm only selling this because I want a different color. It packs into it's own pocket, and when stowed has a small loop of webbing that fits a carabiner. As you can see, there are 3 patches on it.

Cotopaxi Teca Half-Zip Windbreaker -- $35 -- Comfy, just too big on me. Men's size M. Got it at the local climbing gym. Small stain on front kangaroo pocket

Merrel Trail Glove 5 -- Men's size 9 -- $35 -- Cool barefoot-style shoe. Originally bought for creek-walking on a backpacking trip (they dry super well). Ran in them a handful of times afterward, but they weren't for me.

Keen Targhee III Low Waterproof hiking shoes -- WOMEN's size 10 -- Got these used from REI, never wore them. As the return tag says, previous owner claims wearing them for~50 miles. They're in good shape.

Deuce of Spades Ti trowel -- 0.6oz -- $12 -- best trowel ever. I got a slightly smaller one to replace it.

Movo motorized timelapse/panorama tripod head -- $30 -- Cool little gadget, I used it once to get a rotating timelapse shot at camp.

Mystery department store puffy -- Men's M? -- $10 with any other purchase -- It's a puffy, what else can I say. No hood, and apparently it's down. It's packable into a stuff sack, and has okay warmth. I used to carry this with me for a nighttime layer on cool summer trips. It's been to the Lower Saddle of the Grand Teton

Guitar-shaped cutting board lol -- $5 with any other purchase (though you gotta pay for a bigger box) -- You know you want it, no, you NEED IT


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