OG Offset Mastercams, Montbell Superior Down Jacket, Evolve Shaman (8 mens)

I would love to get rid of these things I do not use. I have already done some successful trades, so try me! I am looking for softshell pants, BD ultralights, or Indian Creek rack fillers... Or cash!

TRADED! Patagonia Micropuff Storm, Mens medium: (175$ OBO) 

TRADED! Evolv Ashima Zenists 

Evolv Shaman 8 mens: Used outside ~ times... too small. SOMEONE TAKE IT PLEASE! Its begging for a good home. Trades or cash... just PM me

Minty Offset Mastercams OG Thumb loops! (45$ per cam sound fair? OBO)

Montbell superior down parka, mens small (125$ OBO): The mont-bell parka is in perfect condition. Its such a good, warm, super lightweight jacket. I bought it at this link and promptly realized I can squeeze into a small :( https://www.montbell.us/products/disp.php?p_id=2301237&fo_flg=1

Pics: imgur.com/gallery/KDRQwo3


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