Jackets, ice gear, books

Will figure out shipping depending on the item(s). Paypal or venmo.

Arc Atom LT NWT. Black. Large. $180

Rab Cirrus Flex 2.0. Worn twice. Med. $60

Rab Xenon - Med. Patched seam split below logo  $60

Rab Microlight Alpine - Med. $140

Screws: All sharp and serviceable

Petzl laser speed: 1x 21, 1x 17, 2x 13 $40/ea

Petzl laser speed light: 2x 13 $50/ea

BD ultralight 13 $50

X-Dream w/ Alpine Handles: Light use, picks are near new. Not pictured: 2 new sets of picks and non-spiked handles. $475 for the set.

Petzl Pur'dry picks new: $45/ea

Garmin Inreach Explorer+ $300

Lockers: $7ea

Books: Let me know the book and we'll figure out a price.