FS: Prana Stretch Zion 32x32, X-Dream Alpine Ice Tools, Ice Screw Sharpener, Cheap Nuts

You pay shipping. Shipping is either $9, $16, or $22 priority flat rate depending on size of items. Order multiple items and I can package items to save on shipping, of course. 

Nuts + Locker—all booty. DMM Wallnut 1,5 (x2), Brass offset #6. BD #5, 7. Wild Country #6. Locker I think is a BD rocklock? — $30 (retail: who cares?) P.S. I bootied two more since listing these, those are included as well.
Grey Prana Stretch Zion 32x32 — Used on two alpine climbs. I'm a 32x34  and don't like cold ankles. $50 (Retail: $95)
Petzl Lim'Ice Ice Screw Sharpener. W/ Box and instructions. I've used it some but there's life in the file. $50 (Retail: $100)
X-Dream Alpine Ice Tools — Currently have T-rated ice picks. Old style w/ integrated hammer. I would recommend new picks. $300 (Retail: $600)

SOLD La Sportiva Mythos 42.5 — plenty of life in the resole but one upper lace eyelet is torn. Beater/rental/loaner shoes. $10 (Retail: $150[wtf])
SOLD Sitta Size M — Used about 1 year, never in anything too thrutchy. Fine condition, I used it yesterday. Has storage bag. $45. (Retail: $200)
SOLD Blue Totem NWT$70. (Retail: $95)
SOLD Yellow Totem — used. Action is good. $50 (Retail: $95)
Details on the tools:

The X-Dreams were my primary tool for two seasons. 
 They were sometimes wrapped and sometimes unwrapped. Some scratches on the shaft, a marking from mounting a different set of picks, a small amount of the lower adhesive grip in the 2nd hand position has worn off, and a very slight but noticeable movement in the handle. I’m not sure if this is true if all x-dreams or just mine. It's never affected my climbing - more something you notice while obsessing in the gear room.
No problem mounting and un mounting picks, heads are tight. No rattle. Great tools, took me up tons of amazing ice. I never did gymnastic drytooling with them - used on rock on a few mtn routes.
One of the current ice picks is filed to the warning line (needs to be replaced or re-profiled), the other pick has some space to be filed still.
Handles look nearly perfect.

Thanks for looking!


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