Arcteryx alpha fl 30 alpine pack, Black Diamond Spotlight Bivy and goretex pro rain jacket (adidas)

I have mainly used this pack for ski touring and alpine climbing. Its got scuffs, but no tears. I reinforced the bottoms seams with seam seal before I took it on a river trip, so there is some glue residue. The roll lid will soak through, but the rest of the bag is water proof.  Ive been off and on about selling this pack, as I always wanted something larger. $80 shipped

The rain jacket is in good shape but the color is prone very probe to dirt and its hard to keep clean (so its got stains). Its an adidas terrex goretex pro shell. Pretty burley and very waterproof. $60 shipped is a very cheap price for a goretex pro jacket.

I bought this bivy several years ago, but have only used it a handful of times. No rips or tears. Door has both a tarp layer for a full waterproof setup and a mesh net, which is a very nice feature for hotter buggy nights. Additional pole to prop open head box not necessary, but can be nice if your claustrophobic. There is also an internal bendable wire to add some loft to the head box and keep the tent from touching your face. $80 shipped.


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