Crampons $45, 2x ice boots 41 $100,$200 SHIPPED

Prices include shipping!!!
-$10 if we arrange pickup/dropoff instead (Boulder, Ouray weekend of 30th).

Grivel old school (Grivel Rambo 2) crampons+bag $45
  • Cheap
  • Street cred: "Woah i had those crampons in the 70s!" -- some guy in Ouray
  • Weigh the same as new Petzl Lynx's (1017 grams) 
  • Seem to perform fine for beginners like me at least. Felt better than my partner's fancy new ones
  • Comes with bag & extra toe bails
  • Freshly sharpened
  • Pain in the ass to adjust the size. Tools needed to adjust the size are: allen wrench, screwdriver, and wrench/vice/pliers for holding a hex nut in place. 
  • Not modular. Front point are not replaceable. No monopoint mode. No adjusting the point position 
  • No antisnow plates but I'm told you can make them out of milk cartons
Salewa crows 42 $100
  • 3 season boots. Probably works for ice if you run warm
  • Slightly too small for me (women's size 9 street shoes). About the same size as Nepals 41. Way smaller than Nepals 42. These will not fit if you normally wear 42 in ice boots.
  • Mint condition
  • Angry cat not included

Women's nepal evo 41 $200
  • Ok condition 
  • Way narrower than men's nepals
  • Slightly too small for me (women's size 9 street shoes).


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