FS: Full Trad Rack +. REMAINING: OZ carabiners, Harneses, Shoes, 2 Cams, Nuts, Kong Descender, 2 Draws, Dogbones, ATCs / 8s.

Trad Gear and More: Cams, nuts, nuts, hexes, biners, lockers, draws, dog bones, shoes, harnesses, slings, belay / rappel devices. Oh and did I mention nuts?

Scroll for prices. Some of it I don’t mind keeping. Some I’d almost throw away. Priced accordingly. Buyer pays ship, USPS Priority. I’ll pack as small as I can. If you think my prices are off, let me know. Could be. I’m making this up. I’ll either accommodate or I won't.

Willing to accept in lieu of cash.

BD #5 / #6 cams

BD 60cm (yel) dyneema slings ’19 or newer. Or equiv. 6x-8x.

Hex BD10.

Anchor Cordelette: 26 ft. 2019 or newer.

Tricams: Complete my set. Need: .125 (white), .25 (black), 2 (violet), 3.5 (lt grey).


Biners: 8x Oz: $80.  Were used as racking biners for cams.

Other: Most Available

Shoes Boreal women’s 7: $20

Shoes Mad Rock women’s 7.5: $20

Shoes Evolv Skyhawk: Womens 10 / 41.5. $40. BRAND NEW, never worn.

Sold: Wild Country Harness: Women’s M: $25

BD Harness: Womens L: New, Never Used. $35

Chalk Bags: 1x Gregory. 2x Black Diamond. $5


Wild Country Friend #3 - $50

DMM 2.5 - $35, Same size as BD 1 (red)

Metolius TCU 00-2. $50 each. $200 for 4. I’ll drop the price if I find some x4s / z4s.

Sold: All C4s

Better pics of the lobe wear. Most still have the coating on the placement surface.


Nuts –  I’ve priced based on how pretty they are because people are dumb. I’d whip on everyone of these larger than a #3.

Available: Omega Pacific 1: 5-13: $40. Well scratched up / used. Still solid. Same sizes as BD.

Available: BD Micros (1-6) - $108

Sold: Black Diamond A3: $65. 5-11. Some Use.

Draws and Bones:

2x BD Solid Gate Draws: $10 each. Comes with extra dogbone.

3x BD Dogbones (Brown / Red): $2 each. Old, But never used.

4x Petzl Dogbones: $3 each. ~2015, but have never been used. Looks new off the shelf.

Belay / Rapel / Other Tools: 

Available: Nut Tool: $5. Only far right tool left. 

Available: Figure 8s: $5

Available: ATC’s: BD, Trango: $5

Available: Kong Robot Descender: $10

Sold: Petzl Tibloc: $15

Sold: Petzl Microsender: $45 (For TR soloing)

Booty: Free if you buy enough to make me throw it in. Will also trade for hex or tricams sizes I don't have. 

Available: WC3 Hexcentric - $5


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