FS: 2019 Aeon LI -Very Lightly Used

I purchased this tent in June through “Gear Swap” from the original owner. He never hiked with it and only pitched it one time in his own back yard. When I received it however, there was a tiny hole in the screen mesh near the top of the zipper (see photo —I placed a piece of paper behind the hole to make it more visible). I suspect he may have poked it with the tip of his trekking pole when he set it up. He didn’t mention it and I decided it was relatively insignificant.  He bought it in 2019 so it has Velcro closures rather than the zippers on the 2020 model. Last summer I also purchased a Notch LI since I wasn’t sure which tent I would prefer. I actually love both tents but have decided to keep the Notch. Other than the tiny screen hole, the tent is clean and has no tares, stains, rips, or blemishes. My photo of the tent on a postal scale shows it weighing 18.8 oz.  New ones are $535 plus tax and are out of stock. My firm price is $415 (paypal friends and family) which includes priority shipping.