FS Garage sale MLD, TT, SMD

Reducing ridiculous tent collection. All prices include shipping in the CONUS. I tried and failed to reduce the file size of the images and ended up having to reply to myself to get all the pics in. First time poster so please pardon any Forum Snafu’s.

SMD Trekker W/the optional carbon poles. Used maybe 16 nights. No rips, holes etc. Seam sealed and some strips of silicone on the floor to reduce slipperiness. $180.

Tarptent Protrail. Also used about 15 nights. I found the Velcro door closure to be fiddly and insecure and had a zipper added at about $100 cost. Lost the stuff sack. No rips, holes, etc. $140.

MLD Solomid in .75 DCF. Used only 5 nights. $300.

Neoair Regular w/Inflator sack. Old(normal?) valve. Used 10 nights. No holes. $150

Small. Old valve. Used about 16 nights. No holes. $90.

Both Neoair pads were always inflated by pumpsack. There should be no mold buildup in either one.