PRICED TO SELL! FOR SALE: scott skis, climbing pants, climbing shoes, hiking boots, North face puffy

Priced this to sell as I need some quick cash.

Skis are 2017 I believe. Less than 60 days of ride time. Im willing to ship if you pay shipping otherwise local pick up: $100

Redwing Heritage hiking boots: Crazy comfy however I usually wear approach shoes. very waterproof. $80 shipped

Climbing shoes are TC Pros 43, Moccs 10.5, MR Drones 11: prices respectively are $50, $60, $40 shipped

Outdoor Research Voodoo pants size 32. Amazing shape other than sap stain on the butt from them darn pine trees! : $40 shipped

North Face puffy missing a zipper and has two patched holes. still warm: $40 shipped

I had a hard time with uploading photos so if you want more please ask!

Located in Long Beach, CA