WTS: Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL3 & REI All-Season Bivy

Used for 4 nights total! 1 by me, 3 by previous owner. I’m a trekking pole shelter guy and owning this tent I’ll be equivalent to the guy with the truck (plus the size it packs). This is semi freestanding and I have 1 image showing what it’s like using rocks (but my feet)

Little tear about 1mm in the pole stuff sack, nbd. Then, just some spots of dirt on the fly from some splashes, otherwise fantastic condition

We fit 3 average sized humans in there without any space issues

Used with a polycro sheet I can include for +5

Note: these are not the original stakes that came with the tent, I lost those somehow. However, they are the same stake model as they are from a flycreek ul2, and there are 8 of them

Weighs 42oz from factory, haven’t weighed it myself

Price: 300 (+3% G&S) shipped, Subtract 20 for Pickup in Seattle

Images of tent

REI All-Season Bivy:

– picked up a garage sale awhile ago so there are the light remnants of a silver X on the bag (tried getting it off)!- previous owner said used once and that looks to check out- slept in it once for a nap in my room, fully enclosed bivy may not be for me in the winter!

Price: $120 (+3% G&S) shipped CONUS, subtract 10 pickup in Seattle

Images of Bivy


Would trade for 4 Season 1.5/2p Tent / Mid, doesn’t need to be UL (interested in Hilleberg Red/Black Label, , Bibler Models etc.)


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