FS: Gear closet cleaning: SWD, SMD, TAR, Patagonia, Mountain Hardwear, Salomon

After going through and cleaning the gear closet, I realize that I have a lot of gear I don’t use anymore and needs a new home.  All price include shipping to the lower 48.  I accept Paypal Friends and Family (or add 3% if using standard) or Venmo.

1.     Superior Wilderness Designs Superior 35 (Size Med)-$160

No rips or tears, great condition only used on a couple of day hikes. X-pac for the main body and grid ripstop for shoulder straps.  It comes with a wing style unpadded hip belt.  Weight is 15.3 oz.

Superior Wilderness Designs Superior 35

2.     Six Moon Designs Swift Pack (Size Large)-$75

Last iteration before they changed to a new line of packs.  Great condition used on a couple of 3-4-night trips. It comes with a MYOG padded hip belt.

Six Moon Designs Swift Pack

3.     Long 7” (Size S)-$35

I love my baggies and wear them all the time, but I have two pairs.  I realize I really only need one.  Good condition with some light pilling in the crotch.

Patagonia Baggies Longs 7″ Size Small

4.     MYOG Silnylon Tarp 8’x10’-$30

I made this a few years ago but never used it.  I just set it up in the yard.  It features a flat felled seam on the ridgeline and hemmed perimeter.  The ridgeline is seam sealed.  It has 6 tie out points, one at each corner and one at each end of the ridgeline.  The guys lines are 4-6 feet of glowwire from Lawson Equipment.  I think the tie outs will need to be reinforced more but I never got around to it.  There is an old build/question thread about it in my forum profile.  It would be a great MYOG project to finish or could be used as donor material for a new one.  It weighs 1 lb 2.25 oz on my scale.

MYOG 8’x10′ Silnylon Tarp

5.     Mountain Hardwear Exponent 2 Rain Jacket (Size Large)-$60

Excellent condition no stains or rips.

Mountain Hardwear Exponent 2 Size Large

6.  Patagonia Venga Rock Pants (Size 32)-$55

Worn once or twice but a little big.  In excellent condition with no stains or rips except for two small blemishes as noted in the last picture.

Patagonia Venga Rock Pants Size 32

7.     MYOG Primaloft Synthetic Quilt-$30

Used this this quilt once or twice before I got a down one.  A layer of primaloft is sandwiched between two layers of ripstop nylon.  The primaloft is doubled about 6 inches at the top end. A draw string and snaps close the bottom portion of the quilt and a cord ¾ of the way from the bottom provides further closing abilities. The quilt is a trapezoid: lower width is ~32”, top width is ~48”, and height is ~74”.  It comes with a matching gray stuff sack and weighs without the stuff sack 15.5 oz.

MYOG Synthetic Quilt

8.     Salomon X Ultra GTX Hiking Boots (Size 10)- $95

Got these for backpacking and mountaineering but realize I prefer trail runners and real mountaineering boots better.  They only have about 60 miles on them.  There is one small puncture (from crampons) that I tried to show in the pictures but otherwise they are in great condition with lots of life left.

Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX Size 10

9.     Thermarest (Size Small)-$80

I have had this pad for the last three years.  I bought it small to save weight but can’t seem to get comfortable on it with my height.  I’m about 6’2” for reference.  It’s in good condition with no holes, patches, or repairs. It comes with the stuff sack and patch kit.

Thermarest Neo Air Xlite Small