FS: Mens Arcteryx kappa, atom LT vest, LEAF atom LT, and cerium LT

Still emptying some closet to make room for more things I don’t need

1. Men’s medium Arcteryx Kappa in draecana color. Brand new with tags. I got a discount code and ordered a couple sizes so I’m returning this one in a week, but figured I’d post it up if anyone wants it since this color won’t hit sale for a bit. $350 shipped. 

2. Men’s large atom LT vest. Good condition, just don’t use. $80 shipped. 

3. Mens large LEAF atom Gen 2. Ranger green. Has been worn less than 10 times, bought 2 months ago. Switching to a medium. $210 shipped. 

4. Men’s large cerium LT. Excellent condition. Color may be conifer? $215 shipped. 


All prices include shipping, will split fees if want to pay G&S, otherwise I have long history on here if want to pay FF. 

Let me know any other photos you want! 


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