FS: hot tent, GoLite Shangri La 5/Titanium Goat stove

I have a GoLIte Shangri-La 5 setup for use with a wood stove.  I have used it with a Titanium Goat cylindrical wood stove.

Not sure a good price for this, I think I bought it on here, but can’t find the messages.  To buy something similar is roughly 300$ for the stove and 300$ for the tent.  Selling to fund purchase of a HMG mid for use with the family.

I really like the hot tent, but with the kids, it is a bit risky, so going to a mid without the stove.

packed up, the stove and pipe and extra jack material are 761 grams, Shangri-la 5 in GoLite stuff sack 1056 grams, GoLite aluminum pole 347 grams.