Disclaimer: this is a homemade MYOG item. My craftsmanship is decent, but I’m not a professional!

I’m selling my MYOG cuben bivy. The bivy has been on the trail about 7 nights. It is in great condition. No rips, holes, stains, etc. It is very light and rolls up compactly.

The bivy is made in blue .51oz cuben (aka Dyneema Composite Fabric) on the bottom, with blue Ventum ripstop nylon on the top and “Challenger” waterproof breathable fabric at the head and foot (both from Zpacks). The bivy has a #3 zip down the center and netting in the face area.

There are pleats at the four corners to create a bathtub floor. There is a tie loop above the head with shock cord for pulling the netting off your face. The length is 88” when flat. The circumference at the feet is 57” and at the shoulders is 70”. I tailored this bivy to fit me (6′ tall; 190 pounds; side sleeper) along with a large size neoair (77”x25”) and a 30* down quilt — and it fits snuggly. I would say if you are my size or smaller, or have smaller/thinner gear, then this will fit you. If you are larger, have bulkier gear, and/or want a larger/roomier bivy then this probably isn’t the right size for you.

Includes a matching cuben stuff sack.

Total weight is 5.43oz. $150 shipped with Paypal .