FS: Guide Books ( Rifle ), Harnesses (Corax 2, small Supernova), Miuras

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Coveted Rifle Guidebook, never been used or put into a smelly backpack. Make sure you go buy a knee pad....that's what the cool kids are doing. $60

Not so coveted Squamish Guidebook: has been in smelly backpack and seen some shit. Be a granite guide for -----> SOLD

Petzel Corax Harness, size 2: for your big boys and girls that want a comfy and very adjustable harness, plenty of gear space and an all around good harness. $35

Camp Supernova Ladies Harness, size small: lightweight harness with good gear loops for slaydies. Pretty comfy at hanging belays, did wear this in the nude, 10/10 can fit a double rack.  $35

La Sportiva Miura xx's: soft sticky and your best friend on a slab, believe me, you do want friends when your next piece is 40ft away.....size 36 but feels more like a 37. * these are softer than the normal Miuras. $40

La Sportiva Lace Up Miuras: leather-bound edging goodness for your tiny feet projects. I wore them and broke them in for you, but they were too big for me....put your feet claws in it! size 36.5, but feels like a 37. $40


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