[TRADE] UGQ Bandit 950 fill 20°F for DCF Equipment

Hello! This post is to gauge interest on a TRADE. NOT LOOKING TO SELL….YET. I have a 950 down fill 20°F UGQ Bandit quilt that is is BRAND NEW (never used) that I am looking to trade for either a medium DFC pack (think HMG, LiteAF, etc) or a 2P DFC shelter. Obviously, something could be worked out if it was a shelter (cash + trade). I do have a that I could throw in with the quilt to make it more acceptable if it was the shelter.

Not going to post pics. I’ll send them to serious trade inquiries only. The quilt is blaze orange with the grey inside. It does have a draft collar. Was $366 brand new.

Again, this is TRADE ONLY for the moment. I may sell in the future…but may not. I like this quilt, but am more interested in a different pack or shelter at the moment. I’ve got other options For sleep systems and this all comes down to priority.

Thanks and feel free to comment or PM for any offers or questions!


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