Ice Tools, Crampons and Non-Lockers

Hello everyone! To all who messaged me about my last post with the cams, carabiners and Other gear, thank you for the interest! If I didn’t get back to you I am sorry, but I didn’t expect to get so many messages inquiring about the gear. Nothing personal, I just didn’t have time to go through them all and respond. But, fear not! I have more things to sell!

Black Diamond Fusion Ice Tools: $350 for the set 

•Used  it in good condition 

•Extra set of picks included  

Petzl Lynx Crampons: $150 

•Front points need a good sharpening

•Carrying bag included as well as soft toe bails 

Misc Non-lockers: $16 for 6 

Note: Please keep in mind that if you choose to use PayPal I need to charge you an extra 3% for PayPal fees. I can accept payment via Venmo for no extra charge. I also will generally charge $10-$15 for shipping depending on package size, weight and distance of shipping. 


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