FS: zPacks Hexamid Solo-Plus Tent w/ floor

Gently used for about 15 nights, I’ve moved on to other shelter options. No holes or tears in either tarp or netting. Zipper works fine. If I remember correctly this is the 0.74oz version, purchased just before zPacks came out with the lighter options. It DOES have the extended beak, although it’s not shown in the photos. Since I often travel in places where rocks interfere with stake placement, I replaced the original zPacks fixed-length lines at corners and front with longer pieces of 2.5mm (I think) reflective cord, allowing me to use the McCarthy hitch described by Andrew Skurka. You could shave a few grams by replacing it with a lighter cord, but I like the feel of it. Mid-panel tie-outs are still original zLine.

* polycro bathtub groundcloth, shaped to fit, walls about 3″ tall, with sewn grosgrain loops at corners
* DIY netting pocket/organizer that clips to peak to hold headlamp, glasses, phone, do-dads, etc
* original stuff sack.

Does not include stakes or pole.

Also available for additional $10 is a 5″ tall 1.3oz/s.y. sil-poly bathtub floor, also with grosgrain corner loops. I had intended to remove most of the original netting floor and sew this in as a replacement (basically converting it to a ), but I never got around to it. I have other uses for the sil-poly it if you don’t want it.

13.9 oz – tent w/ cords
0.2 oz – stuff sack
2.2 oz – polycro floor
0.4 oz – mesh peak pocket
4.9 oz – sil-poly floor

$300 includes USPS Priority shipping CONUS


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