FS: C3's; C4s; Quickdraws; Rope Bag; Skwama, Muira, and Drifter in 42.5; Gear Sling; Nut Tool; Clothes; Rope Bucket; free stuff...

Updated 3/25

Hello MP,

Please Read:

  • I don't haggle.
  • I use PayPal. Buyer pays Goods and Services fee if they want the protection.
  • Buyer pays shipping on orders under $150 (and any order including the bucket). I'll ship as cheap as I can ($4-8 for a smaller order).
  • PM me. Merely posting "I'll take the..." is a welcome bump, but is otherwise meaningless.
First photo is of everything available as of 3/25. Scroll down for more info + photos.
BD Super Chute rope bag. Fully functional. Minor seam-grip job (see image at bottom of post). Great bag if your partner wants to carry the rope and nothing else. I don't tend to climb with such perverts, so it's a bit much for me. $20.
30+ feet of Mammut 10.2 dynamic rope. Free with a purchase (if I can cram it into the package).
Metolius gear sling. It works. $8

C3 00, 0, 1. Slings in great condition, but note the dates. I bet they're still significantly stronger than the axles, and I've bet my life on it. Good action...if you're used to stiff C3 springs. $165 shipped for the set, or $60 before shipping individually.
C4 0.3, 0.4, 0.75. 2014 slings in good shape by my standards. Smooth action. $35 each.
Scroll down for closeups of lobes.
FAQ: Any falls on those cams? A: Yes. They belong to a real-life climber!

Frankendraws--Positrons on top with plenty of hanger nicks; Hotwires on bottom with light wear--6 of 8 are missing some annodization (which is not structural), 2 are lightly grooved. Never-used 2019 dogbones. These are, functionally, Posiwires, and will last as long as a new set-...but the bros at the crag won't chat you up about them. I'll gladly swap any of the wiregates with the solid gates below...if you're into gate flutter. $70 for all 8.
Bent gate biners in good shape $4, $4, $3
Metolius nut tool that, like most of its siblings, has lost the hammering-butt-thingy. Otherwise fully-functional. $8
C4 #4. SOLD
C3 000 SOLD
LS Skwama 42.5. Bought these gently-used, and immediately re-soled them. Soles have 1 badass pitch on them. Uppers in great shape with some discoloration (oh dear). My buddy Aaron test-drove them on his 3-year , sent the route, then decided they didn't fit right. Tough customer. $75
Mad Rock Drifters 42.5. Original soles with a little life left. Uppers in fine shape. Perfect loaner pair for your gumby friend. $20 or FREE with $80 purchase.
LS Muira VS 42.5. Re-soled once. Plenty of life left. $50
OR glove liners (M). Good shape, but too small for me. $5 or FREE with $50 purchase.


These very shoes after sending ! Own a piece of NM climbing history!



Novarro Biking Shell. Women's Large. Bought at REI Garage Sale. $10

REI Stretchy Hiking Pants. Womens' Petite 10. Bought at REI garage sale. Some dust on left leg (oh dear). $10

Kuhl UV-Resistant Shirt. Men's M. New with tags. Are you among the growing number of Americans who dream of sending in the sun and pitching a show for the Cooking Network in the same afternoon? This is your shirt. $40

Swiss Made Softshell. Men's L. $10

Big collapsible ClimbX rope/gear bucket. Shipping will be stupid-expensive. Maybe we can meet up at Stone Age or SFCC. $20 or free if you promise to NEVER use speakers outdoors or climb with folks who do. We're watching you.

Seam grip/thread repair. Wrap-around strap was separating from the canvas. Don't whip on this bag, and you'll be fine.


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