Gear Purge: Vargo, GG, Neoair, Snow peak, sleeping bag,

Went through all my gear and found some things that I either don’t use or have hardly used.  All prices include shipping and fees.  If you want to save 3% then send money as friends and family.

#1 This is a Neo-Air All Season size medium. 20×66.  Im 6 ft and I can fit on here pretty well.  I’m a side sleeper and curl up slightly anyway.  It weighs 19ozs.  It has an Rvalue of 4.9 on the old rating system so it now would be above 5.  Warm pad.  It is not a mummy shape.  I used it once and it has a few stains on it in the pic.  Nothing that affects performance.  $85



#2  Vargo Titanium stove.  Weighs less than 3 ozs.  Works.  Not much to say.   $50

#3. Granite Gear Vapor Trail. Size Large Torso. Hip Belt is a medium.   Good condition.  Used  on 5-6 trips of about 7 days each.  Has some minor fabric holes in the pockets but nothing too serious.  Lots of trail miles left in this.  Comes with a Hipbelt pocket and a shoulder strap pocket from Equinox.   $70


#4 Bear Bag.  Not sure which model but it has been used a lot.  It probably 7-8 years old.  Nothing wrong with it and no bear ever found it and tried to get in.  $40


#5 A Marmot Never Winter sleeping bag.  I actually never used it on any backpacking trips and it has been stored, laid out in my 4runner, for about 2 years.  In excellent condition.  Size regular.  $85


#6  Snow peak cook set.  I bought on BPL but never ended up using it.  $50. This is the older Mini Solo cook set and the little cup nests into the bigger one.  Comes with cozy and stuff sack.



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