FS: Shoes, C4's, 'biners, nuts, vintage, extras - Sportiva, Scarpa, BD...

Shipping extra, but buy multiple items and we can work something out. 

La Sportiva Muira Lace, size 42. Original sole, tons of life left. $65
La Sportiva Cobra, size 42. Probably about half way through the sole. $45 SOLD
La Sportiva Muira Lace (Women's), size 41.5. Will need a resole soon. $25
Scarpa Techno, size 42.5. On second resole, still a lot of life left on them. $25
Five-Ten Coyote Lace Ups, size 10.5, climbed in twice $40

BD C4 #1 $40 w/'biner
BD C$ #0.4  $40 w/'biner
Lot of 12 'biners: 3 lockers (2 somewhat grooved from TR'ing on them), plus a variety of non-lockers. Mostly booty. $25
DMM Buggette $10 New
Nuts: BD #8 (x2), #9, 1 tiny aluminum micro, HB offsets #8, #9 (all booty except the HB's) $25
Yates Screamer $10
BD Alpine Bod harness (S) Only used a couple times to take non-climbers climbing. $20
BD Hexes #9 and #10. $10 (perfect for carrying in the gym so everyone knows you're a real climber)
Metolius dyneema "webolette" $10

Rigid Friend-like cam made by Malcolm Matheson (HB) with ancient weird Omega Pacific 'biner
I'm sure it's a collector's item, so make an offer if interested

Weird Clog (I think) hex. Make an offer.

Metolius Session I crashpad. Only used for about a week's worth of bouldering, foam and cover in great shape. $100


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