Feathered Friends, Black Diamond, Petzl, FiveTen

I'm cleaning out my van and selling items that are rarely or never used any more. Prices don't include shipping unless noted. PayPal preferred and I'll pay service fees. Open to offers.

BD Nut Tool $3
Non-locking Carabiners $3
Aluminum Locking Carabiners $4 apiece
Fusion Steel Locking Oval Carabiner $6
Petzl Vulcan Steel Locking Carabiner $8 apiece
Petzl Freino Carabiner $8
Petzl GriGri $20 side plate is grooved
BD Quickdraws $8 apiece
BD 60 cm Dyneema Sling 2014 $2
BD 120 cm Dyneema Sling 2015 never used $3 
BD 120 cm Dyneema Sling 2017 never used $4 apiece
Nuts $4 apiece
Edelweiss Energy 9.5 40m plus blue $15 about 7 years old and fuzzy
Blue Water Icon 9.1 57m teal $20 about 5 years old and fuzzy
BD Super Chute Rope Bag $8
TC Pro 42.5 $20 need a resole and stiff from bailing in the rain
FiveTen Guide Tennies US 9 $80 shipped never used
Feathered Friends Front Point Belay Parka Medium $275 shipped used for eight days and always stored uncompressed.


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