FS: Evernew Pot Snowpeak Mug and micro toothpastes

Prices for the pot and mug don’t include shipping. Shoot me an email and I will quote you actual shipping. Paypal F&F or <b>add 3% if you want PP protection</b>.

1. Evernew Titanium 900ml pot with lid and mesh bag. Has pour spout and internal .3 .6L markings. Never used.

Asking $40 plus shipping to you (box is 10oz)

2. Snowpeak Titanium 600 mug. Great condition with no flame marks or stains.

<span class=”Apple-converted-space”> </span>Asking $25 plus shipping to you (package is 7oz)

3. Micro (6g) A.Me toothpastes. Shown compared the the Zpacks colgate. Tastes the same. I have 3 lots to sell. 10 tubes for $10 shipped


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