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I am selling a range of stoves & bits. They were in general sent to me as Editor of Backpackinglight for test & review. In most cases they have been used no more than 2 or maybe 3 times. Pics are not included – too many! I can provide by email if needed.

Prices shown in () are US list prices where I can find them; the second price is the sale price. Add P&P (depends on country and weight). For Australia it will be in the range AU$16-19; for the rest of the world it is higher of course. Small upright stoves may prove uneconomic to post, especially overseas.

Contact me via for the correct Paypal address (it is not my email address!). Shipping will be to your Paypal address unless otherwise notified. If not specified in your Paypal account, PLEASE tell me what it is!

Pots and bits
GSI Bugaboo pot set
2 pots, 2 frypans serving as matching lids, 1 pot lifter, in string bag in original box. Larger pot used in CO testing series, but no damage.
(US$75?) $30

Nalge Trail bottles 16 oz (6 off)
These narrow-mouth straight-sided bottles with mountain cat logo are made of red nylon and are rated for both petrol-type fuels and for kerosene. They are not rated for alcohol fuels. (You can also buy red nylon jerrycans for petrol in Australia.)
They have the Nalge seal at the lid which is claimed to be leak-proof. I have added an O-ring to some of them just to be sure, and I carried them more or less on the outside of my pack anyhow.
They included a clever pouring spout with a finger-controlled air hole.
However, they do not seem to be made anymore.
(US$12), $6 each

Liquid fuel stoves
Brunton Vapor-AF
The Brunton Vapor AF is a genuine multi-fuel vortex-burner stove handling canister gas, white spirit and kerosene. Brunton’s claim to fame for this stove is that it can handle all three fuels without any changes of jet or preheat system, unlike with many older stoves. Instead it varies the air intakes.
(US$225), $80

Coleman Apollo
Called a dual-fuel stove, in that it runs on Coleman fuel and petrol. No mention made of kerosene, does not take canisters.
Stove 383 g; tank and pump 200 g. Also aluminium windshield and spares (mainly O-rings) kit.
(US$?) $40

Primus Gravity MF
Dual-fuel stove, taking both Shellite and canisters. I am not sure about kerosene. Not light, but very stable and suitable for large pots.
($100) $50

Primus Express Lander
Another variant on the Whisperlite. Interestingly, the air inlet holes are screened by mesh to prevent any flame backlash. The fuel bottle was not included with the stove. The thread matches that on the 16 oz MSR bottles, but the pump is tilted and will not fit in them: the Primus bottles are wider. I may be able to provide a suitable large (old) SIGG bottle if you don’t have one.
Stove 174 g; Pump 104 g; fuel bottle 132 g
(US$?) $50

Snow Peak Gigapower WG
Shellite/white gas. Typical SnowPeak engineering: very nicely made. Tools and spare parts included, with carry bags and a dip stick for the fuel bottle (do not over-fill). The hose may be fully detached. Includes the full kit with detachable hose. Not specified for kero.
(US$150) $70

USED liquid fuel stoves

Coleman Peak 1 Apex
Dual valve stove, handles white gas and kero. USED by me for some years, but works OK. Has been rebuilt for strength.

MSR Whisperlite
Runs white gas and kero. Comes in a slightly sooty coated nylon bag I made, and USED by me for some years. Runs fine. Complete with bottle and pump.

Optimus 8R stove: antique
This classic stove was bought by my wife in the mid-1960s and was used in Victoria and SW Tassie on many trips. It has recently been overhauled with a new internal wick and new seal on the valve stem. Spanner and handle are included. The paintwork shows the years, and there is some surface rust – as might be expected. It runs fine, but it cannot match a modern canister stove for power. It is sold as is (see photo) with no guarantees: it might suit a collector best.
Original price unknown, FS for $50

Pak-Cook V: antique Taiwanese clone of Optimus 8R
Yes, this is an almost exact clone of the Optimus 8R dating from the late 1960s as well. The remains of the cardboard box it came in show a retail price of $9.60! It is in somewhat better condition (intact paint and little rust) than the Optimus 8R I have listed. It includes a windshield which the 8R did not have. It runs fine, but it cannot match a modern canister stove for power. It is sold as is (see photo) with no guarantees: it might suit a collector best.
Original price $9.60, FS $50

Remote Canister stoves
Jetboil Helios w HX pot
Wide stable Jetboil with large Al pot for 2 people, more reliable fins
Full kit
($150) $60

Optimus Stella+
Folding head for packing, remote piezo ignition, medium head.
(US60) $30

Primus Gravity EF
Wide stable base, piezo ignition, wide burner

Upright canister stoves
Brunton Flex
Typical small upright, wider head, folding pot supports

Brunton Raptor
Small burner head like SnowPeak GST-100, piezo ignition, folding pot supports
http://bushwalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=30044 14/07/2019

Coleman F1
Wide head, pot supports rotate to stack

Fire-Maple FMS-106
Tentative ID, typical upright. Steel, piezo lighter, plastic case.
(US$46) $20

Fire Maple FMS-109
Typical small light FMS stove

Fire Maple FMS-116
Typical small light FMS stove
(US$25) $20

Jetboil GCS, w HX pot
One of the earliest Jetboils, Al pot with more reliable fins, suits 2 people
(US$120), $60

Kovea Supalite Ti (rebranded as Elemental)
Typical robust small upright stove
(US$52) $25

MSR PocketRocket
Older model upright stove.
(US$50) $25

Optimus Crux
Heads folds over for packing, folding pot supports
(US$50) $25

Primus EtaExpress w HX pot
Stove, heat exchanger pot and clip-on windshield. Stove and pot work fine but they should not be used inside a tent as they do generate some carbon monoxide.

Primus EtaSolo w HX pot
Partial integrated windshield, Al pot with foam wrap cozy, fabric ‘handle’ on cozy, plastic lid

Primus Micron Ti 2.5
Medium head, folding legs

Snow Peak GST-120
Variation on the classic GST-100 stove, which was long considered a Gold Standard, Folding pot supports for smaller packing.
(US$60) $35

Advertised as a ‘regulator’ stove. The stove is fine, well made, works fine, but ignore the regulator claims you see in places.
(US$70) $40

Trekka Vulcan Stove with Windshield (slightly used)
This is an Australian-branded steel canister stove made in China. It represents the first forays the Chinese made into this market. They still do make this style of stove. It is of course a bit heavier than current stoves, but it functions very reliably and has a wide burner head. We have used it in the past when the power went off to cook dinner at home. It is sold as is (see photo) with no guarantees. Good for car camping.
Original price unknown; $20

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