FS: Vintage Holubar Down Filled Mummy Bag -------

Holubar - Boulder, CO 1946 - 1981.   en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holub… 

Very early Holubar. Made prior to the advent of using plastic zippers.

- No tags. The original Holubar logo tags were sewn onto the hood fabric. See the photography for original spot.

- 1.9 oz ripstop nylon. Slant box baffle construction.

- Goose down filled. Since the model tag was also removed I can't say the temperature rating given by Holubar. Very lofty!  0-10 degree's? Approximate loft is 8".

- 1/3 length metal zipper that runs smoothly, more or less. Its a metal zipper.........

- Draft tube backs the zipper and runs the full length of the side seam.

- Outside width at the shoulders is 28". inside measurement from feet to neck is 6 feet.

The bag is in very good, clean condition. A 3" portion of baffle stitching had come apart and was repaired by Ripstop Repairs, Boulder CO. Ready to be used. Asking $185.00 shipped. PPFF or venmo. Or Estes Park inspection and pickup.

Location of the Holubar logo.

Logo on a different bag.