Yama Mountain Gear Cirriform SW Dyneema (Obsidian Black)

Yama Mountain Gear Cirriform SW Dyneema (Obsidian Black).  Single person all Dyneema tent.
<div>I purchased it new last year when Gen was selling them in the (true) Obsidian black color.  I spoke to him ad he can no longer get this material and all tents going forward (I believe) will be in the white or much lighter gray color.</div>
<div>Yama is moving factories out west and not producing tents now. This said, I paid $680 with tax and asking a fair price for the tent considering its color and limited overall quantity.  Would like it to go to a good home</div>
<div>Pictures available on eBay</div>
<div>I want $560 plus shipping</div>


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