[WTS] Doublewall Tent similar to X-Mid (28.08oz), Fancee Feest Stove kit (1.44oz total), Various Ultralight Accessories FREE SHIPPING

More gear closet cleaning. These are items I bought new, weighed, liked the weight, used briefly, and then shoved into the closet never to be used because I preferred something else. Catch and very delayed release I guess?

See individual item descriptions for pics. Free shipping CONUS always, PM for international shipping. I accept Paypal F&F but add 3% for G&S, you know how it goes.

  1. NEW Trackman Doublewall Two Trekking Pole Tent w/ Inner Mesh tent attached, very similar to X-Mid, weighs 28.08oz tent, Y-stakes/guylines in stuff sack 3.43oz, pics here

Price: $110 free shipping

Bought it for $150, cut off some tags on the stuff sack and the loops off the aluminum stakes, but otherwise I've never taken it outside or set it up and it's in pristine condition. Feel free to search ebay for pics of the tent setup and other specs. The fly is silpoly and seamtaped so it should be waterproof, but if you'd like to add some seam sealer anyways (listed below), let me know and I'll bundle it with the tent for $115 total :)

  1. NEW GearAid Silnet Silicone Seam Sealer 1.5oz w/ Applicator Brush and BONUS Foam Sponge Brush thing, weighs 1.98oz, pics here

Price: $7 free shipping

I planned on using this on the tent but then I saw the taped seams. The foam sponge brush helps in spreading the seam sealant. This is for SILICONE-coated fabrics only.

3. NEW Fancee Feest Alcohol Stove w/ 4fl oz Fuel Bottle + 30ml Measuring Cup, stove weighs 0.81oz and bottle+cup weighs 0.63oz together, pics here

Price: $15 free shipping SOLD SOLD SOLD

Zelph's version of the SuperCat^tm, has a capacity of 74ml/2.5oz. See Zelph's webstore for more details and specs. Never been used, I wrote warnings on the fuel bottle but otherwise I haven't put any alcohol fuel in anything in this kit. Includes stove instructions.

4. USED? Light My Fire Swedish Firesteel Scout w/ Emergency Whistle, weighs 0.91oz, pics here

Price: $10 free shipping SOLD SOLD SOLD

Top-notch high quality ferro rod and striker, very easy to get sparks out of this. The Scout version is rated for around 3,000 strikes. The whistle on the striker handle can be kind of hard to position perfectly to blow into, but it is quite loud. I cut off the paracord attachments for the WeiGHt SaVinGs and because I prefer firesteels that aren't bound together, shouldn't be too hard to put some back on though.

  1. NEW Zpacks Fleece Beanie, weighs 0.98oz, pics here

Price: $15 free shipping

Yes this overpriced, most-likely-Chinese-made beanie is incredibly light and incredibly warm and incredibly soft. I wish I had a reason to use it, but sadly I wore it once and then proceeded to never need a beanie again. Pics show some shoddy stitching that was not the result of my 30 seconds wear time.

  1. USED? Trekology Ultralight Inflatable Pillow, weighs 2.49oz, pics here

Price: $7 free shipping

I bought this over 18 months ago and it was like, $8 with a lightning deal on Amazon, and now I see they're $15?! Crazy. Really soft, check out the pictures for size and inflatable loft and so on. It's really a great pillow, very easy to dial in how inflated you'd like it to be. I didn't experience any slipping except when it was on my slippery silnylon tent floor... Threw out the stuff sack it comes with, but it compresses really small without it.

7. NEW Cuda Mini 3'' Titanium-Bonded Serrated Scissors, weighs 0.73oz, pics here

Price: $4 free shipping SOLD SOLD SOLD

Yeah these are the same ones from Litesmith, the serrations weren't quite useful for me so it sat in the closet of shame. Not much else to say about these.

8. NEW Titanium Beard/Facial Hair Comb w/ Bottle Opener, weighs 0.32oz, pics here

Price: $5 free shipping SOLD SOLD SOLD

Can you believe I bought this for $12??? Titanium is an addiction. Very small, it does comb head hair okay but it's obviously made for facial hair. Every edge is smoothed out so no pokey bits to stab your skin. Has a keychain/lanyard hole for your on-the-go manscaping needs.

  1. NEW Mini Deck of Playing Cards, weighs 1.49oz in case, case weighs 0.33oz, pics here

Price: $3 free shipping

Extra deck of cards no one in my friends circle wanted. Guess I'll play solitaire by myself :( These are made out of the same material as regular-sized playing cards, so not really waterproof but water-resistant ish?

As always, PM for bundling discounts. Thanks for reading this far and hope you find something you like!


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