[WTS] Nathan & Mountain Hardwear Running Hydration Vests - Very Lightly Used - 5.4 oz/6.5 oz/9.9 oz

Hi All,

I have the following vests up for grabs. Persistent plantar fascia and shin issues have kept me rather inert for some time now and it's time to let some running related kit go. Here are the details:

Mountain Hardwear Fluid Race Vest (ver. 1) - 5.4 oz/154 gr. Super lightweight and basically new with no flaws. Only used a few times. Released in only one size and while it appears quite small at first it's stretchy and works great for a wide variety of body sizes. It sits a little higher than most other vests which gives provides a nice "no bounce" ride. I'm just under 6 feet/185 lbs (wear size large shirts) and this vest fits me. I have used the vest with a 1.5 liter bladder in the back and you could likely squeeze in a long/narrow 2 liter bladder. This vest also works great if you like to use handheld bottles. You can use the rear pocket for clothes, extra food and/or gear. Three pockets (one zippered) on the front and one large pocket on the back. There is a bungee cord system on the back for lashing down clothing, poles, etc. Asking $42.00 shipped. Pics: https://imgur.com/gallery/lAhfHkt

Mountain Hardwear Fluid Race Vest (latest ver.) - Size S/M (smaller of two unisex sizes). Weighs all of 6.5 oz/185 gr. This was my wife's vest and was only used for a couple of long runs while training for a marathon. It's basically new and there are zero flaws. The vest has four nice front pockets and a zippered rear pocket that can fit a 2 (maybe 3) liter bladder. The hydration hose can be routed out the top (over the shoulder and down) or out the bottom (under the arm and up). There are tabs on the back which provide an option for installing a bungee tie-down system for additional capacity. Asking $48.00 shipped. Pics: https://imgur.com/gallery/GjcjJW2

Nathan HPL 020 - One Size. 9.9 oz/282 gr. This iconic hydration vest is in great shape. There's a little dirt here and there, but no flaws whatsoever. Very breathable vest. Three pockets on the front (one zippered) and two pockets (both zippered) on the back. The larger rear pocket can accommodate at least a 2 liter bladder. This was probably the first popular running-oriented hydration vest and Nathan still makes a version today. Asking $38.00 shipped. Pics: https://imgur.com/gallery/6puAO88

I'm happy to provide additional information and answer your questions. PayPal is preferred and the buyer can decide if they want to send funds via "friends & family" or cover fees (approx. 3%) sending the "goods & services" route. I can usually ship the next business day after receiving payment and always send buyers the tracking number the same day an item ships out. Thanks for looking and happy running!


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