FS Primus Remote Canister Stoves (several)

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Eta Power w pot & bag
More of a stove system than a bare stove. The stove has a piezo-ignitor; the pan and the solid bag it all comes in; the windscreen, heat-exchanger 2.1 L pot, pan and pot grips are included. All components are hard anodised aluminium. A slight overkill, but a very stable, windprooof and efficient system. There is a preheat tube so the canister can be inverted.
Stove 259 g; HE pot 258 g; windscreen 118 g; Frying pan 145 g; Pot grips 45 g; bag 247 g
(US$150) $50 +P&P

Eta PackLite w pot
Still a stove system, a light-weight (713 g complete) version of the Eta Power perhaps. The kit includes the stove, the windshield, the pot and the vented locking plastic lid (but no canister). It too is quite fuel-efficient.
(US$130) $50 + P&P

Express Spider
In some ways this stove is the bare guts of the Eta Power and Eta Packlite stove systems. It is of course lighter (195 g) and cheaper. You have to provide your own windshield and pot.
(US$60) $40 + P&P

Gravity MF
This is a light dual-fuel stove, taking both Shellite and canisters. I am not sure about kerosene. It works fine. (The stock photo shows the white gas set-up.)
($100) $50 +P&P

Gravity II EF (1x)
This is less expensive and slightly lighter version of the Gravity MF: it can only handle canisters. It too works fine.
(US$80) $45 +P&P

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Roger Caffin