[WTS] Yama Mountain Gear early production 2p net tent. 462g, 105$ shipped us/canada.

Recently picked up a 2p net tent from yama's back stock. Unfortunately, it doesn't work well with my MYOG tarp since I made the tieouts kinda wonky. I only set it up once, there is a patch in the netting but it came with that so I imagine it was a production error. Basically, brand new. 462g in stuff sack. 90"X44". Silnylon. Asking 95$+actual shipping or 105$ shipped (I paid $99+tax/shipping) Paypal only, I'll eat the 3% to prevent scams.

Photos from their website

Confirmation photo

Link to the original listing on yama's website

resubmitted after being taken down for not listing weight in title.


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