[WTS] ZPacks Hexamid Solo Tent (11.67oz), Yama Mountain Gear Cirriform Tarp (10.34oz)

Edit: both sold.

  • ZPacks Hexamid Solo - I bought this used about a month ago but it's much smaller inside than I expected so putting it back up for sale. Looks to be in good shape; I didn't notice any significant wear on the DCF or the netting at all. This is the olive drab, 0.51DCF version. 11.67oz in stuff sack. Asking $325 shipped. Pictures
  • Yama Mountain Gear Cirriform Tarp - I bought this new from Yama earlier this year and have taken it out on trail once. I just prefer single pole shelters. 0.51 white DCF. Tarp is 10.34oz, rear pole is 1.33oz. I swapped the two side linelocs with just a bit of cord, and changed the cord on the non-corner pullouts to orange (makes it easier when setting up). I also removed the little grommet from the rear peak because I got better pitches using a trekking pole inside instead. That grommet will be included along with the two side pullouts I removed. Asking $340 shipped for tarp + rear pole. Pictures