I think I'm being scammed

I started "WTB" posting for a solo ultralight tent, Tarptent Notch or Contrail; SMD Trekker or Lunar Solo.

I put my email address in the posting also...which I now believe was a mistake. Allows non WB members to reply anonymously.

No proof, of course, that this is a scam...but it sure feels like it.

Anyway, I get an email from Jerry Spin, spinjerry231 at gmail.com saying:
"I have what you want,how interested are you?"
Subsequent emails from Jerry, who seems very elusive in his communication:
  • never tells me what brand of model of tent...seems strange for a person on WhiteBlaze
  • wants $125 for it...this is WAY too low for a Stratospire in "very good shape" with a "custom groundsheet" and kept in "a smoke free condition environment" Really? smoke free?
  • posts a picture of "his tent" which, after a Google Image search for "Tarptent Notch" reveals that the picture is from an online seller in Germany. The picture is of a Stratospire 1 BTW
  • he lives in Amarillo TX...not the wooded backyard scene from his picture
  • wants a money order or money transfer
  • wants the payment to Jesse Miller
  • Avoids the question of using PayPal instead

A web search of spinjerry321 at gmail.com reveals two other threads where people think they're being scammed.

So...I'm buying a new Notch directly from Tarptent.

Any suggestions on how to avoid scammers buying or selling on WhiteBlaze?