[WTS] 9x9 Silpoly tarp(s), twenty tie-outs @13.5 oz - $135 shipped USA.

First, see the build album here.

I'm taking orders for 9x9 sized flat tarps, with the album above showing the first one made as a custom order. These will be a two panel construction with a sewn flat felled ridgeline using Mara 70 thread throughout. The fabric used will be Dutchware Xenon Sil, a 20 denier silpoly with a finished weight of 1.1 oz/yd2. This material is a low stretch silpoly with an integrated gridstop. I use classic sewing technique throughout, each tie-out is reinforced with RBTR Hex 70 nylon cut on the bias to minimize stretching. As shown in the album each tarp will have 16 edge tie-outs and four interior tie-outs placed on the 1/3 points of the square. I can add bivy loops wherever you need them, or leave them off. Since each tarp will be sewn to order I can do a reasonable amount of customization, such as moving tie-out locations or leaving them off. Buyers can pick a color, see the link above for choices. At the moment I have enough fabric in stock to produce one tarp in black. PM if interested. Thanks!


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