Hammock Gear Incubator 20°, SLD Tree Runner hammock w/ Kelty Noah's tarp & accessories

~ First item: Hammock Gear Incubator underquilt. Excellent condition quilt with no blemishes or any real sign of use. Black on black. 2 ounce overfill. Standard length. My basic USPS scale weighs the quilt in the stuff sack at 25.8 ounces. Sale includes the quilt with standard hardware / suspension and original stuff sack. $239 with shipping to US included. Payment via PayPal Shipping via USPS Priority mail. 20180506 Hammockgear Incubator underquilt 0001.jpg 20180506 Hammockgear Incubator underquilt 0004.jpg 20180506 Hammockgear Incubator underquilt 0002.jpg --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Second item for sale is a hammock set - selling multiple pieces as one lot. The hammock: Simply Light Designs Tree Runner Dual layer Hex 1.6 12' in length 60" in width Adjustable ridgeline Removable loops Dual knotty mods Zippered pouch inside Moroccan Blue Stuff sack It is a fantastic hammock that is a great option for big and tall hangers since it is 12' long and has the dual layer Hex 1.6 fabric. I bought it new from SLD last October. It was hung several times between 2 trees in my yard and 1 time in the woods. I simply replaced this hammock with the same model but at a wider width. The tarp: Kelty Noah's Tarp 12'x12' original stuff sack My very first tarp purchased in April of 2017 when I first got into hammock camping. Hung at the house a few times. Used in the woods twice. I was fortunate enough to quickly upgrade to a SLD Winter Haven tarp. The suspension and other accessories: 1 - Dutchware beetle buckle system (2 beetles and 2 straps) 2 - wire gate carabiners 2 - original Kelty stakes 6 - TNH Outdoors states with sack 1 - two piece mesh tarp snake skins 1 - basic dry sack (I used it for the tarp as it was easier to stuff in this sack vs. the original Kelty bag) 1 - CRL for the tarp (it is made of 550 paracord with prussik knots for adjustment; 40' or so in total length if my memory serves me correct) 2 - extra lengths of paracord (plenty to use on the tarp pull outs) short lengths of shock cord added to the tarp and will be included $169 with shipping to US 48 included Payment via PayPal Shipping via USPS Priority mail. 20181202_Tree_Runner.jpg 20181202_160502.jpg 20181202_tarp_insleeves.jpg 20181202_160315.jpg 20181202_160320.jpg 20181202_163040.jpg 20181202_163110.jpg 20181202_170304.jpg 20181202_170039.jpg 20181202_170053.jpg 20181202_170451.jpg