Gear clean out

Enlighten Equipment 20* 950 fill quilt set 2017
Top quilt is a revelation Regular Regular
The under quilt is a revolt 65" used maybe 5 times 400.00 plus shipping willing to split up the set

Dream Hammock Thunder Bird #4905 top cover and bug net 175.00 mint condition the weight given is for both the bug net and the over cover comes with whoopie slings and tree straps

Dutch Netless hammock   tru timber knotty mod with structural ridge line new 75.00

11' Simply light designs hammock tarp trail haven new in 1.1 silnylon olive green 75.00

2QZQ 1 hammock tarp door new 1.0 sil olive green 50.00

2QZQ under quilt protector coyote brown new 50.00

Bundle stuff up and I'll cut a deal